Election Day 2016: Polls busy in Swampscott

Denis Pilotte and Joanne Reynolds, check in voters at the First Church polling location in Swampscott.


SWAMPSCOTT– The polls at First Church in Swampscott saw brisk business Tuesday night as residents lined up to take a ballot. One of the voters was Ryan January, a catcher in the Arizona Diamondbacks minor league system, who was casting his first vote in a presidential race.  While the 19-year-old won’t say who he voted for, he liked the passion of both presidential candidates.

“It was a tough decision for some people, myself not so much,” he said.  “They were great fighters and it was fun to watch them battle it out.”

Stephen Mosho, a retiree at 66, said he voted for Trump. “They both are a little questionable, but I trust him more than I trust Hillary,” he said.


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