Election Day 2016: Early action in Marblehead

Rachel Atcheson a supporter of Question 3, works the polls outside of the Old Town House, Market Square in Marblehead.


MARBLEHEAD–Walter Horan, registrar of voters in Marblehead, said the town experienced high turnout for early voting. In a town of 15,801, over 6,000 residents turned out to cast their vote early. “People like me are very excited and very happy,” said Horan. “To get voters to vote is a wonderful thing.”

Supporters and opponents of the four ballot questions made their views known as polls opened with charter school expansion proponents and protesters out in force in Swampscott. In Marblehead, Question 3 animal rights supporters stated their case.

“This is an important issue to me,” said Rachel Atcheson of the Humane League in regards to ballot Question 3. Atcheson, who tours schools to raise awareness about factory farming, set up outside of the Old Town House in Marblehead at 7 a.m. and plans to remain there until 8 p.m.

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