Election Day 2016: Differing views in Lynnfield

Dianne Courtney of Lynnfield stands outside Lynnfield High School voting location.


LYNNFIELD–At Lynnfield High School’s polling place early Tuesday afternoon, Diane Courtney, a 52-year-old pediatric nurse, held a Hillary sign with her two 9-year old daughters. “She’s our only choice,” she said. “As a mother of two daughters I want them to have the best life possible and Hillary will keep us going in the right direction.”  

A few feet away, Philip Doucette stood with a large American flag and a Trump sign. “My biggest concern is immigration control, a country without borders isn’t a country at all,” said the 38-year-old financial planner. “Clinton’s plan to up the amount of Syrian refugees and refugees from the Middle East is the ultimate Trojan Horse, it’s a way for terrorists to get inside this country.”

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