Nahant Police offer safety tips for Halloween

The Nahant Police Department issued a set of safety regulation for children and parents to consider this Halloween.

The department recommends parents make sure that costumes and wigs are flame resistant. Choose light or brightly colored costumes that are more visible in the dark. Because masks can block or limit your child’s vision, consider costumes that don’t require masks, using non-toxic makeup instead.

Consider using reflective tape or striping on your child’s costume or treat bag. Have your child carry a flashlight to use after it gets dark.

Discuss proper behavior with your child, and have a meeting point in case he or she is separated from you. Set a time for older children to return home.

While trick-or-treating, travel in groups to be more visible to cars and less of a target for criminals. Leave exterior lights on at your house. Children should not eat any candy until a parent has checked it for safety.

After trick-or-treating, parents should check all candy thoroughly. Candy with loose wrappers or holes should be thrown away. Do not eat homemade treats, unless you know and trust the person who gave it to your child.

While at home handing out candy, do not open the door for anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable. Don’t let strangers inside your home.

If you see any suspicious activity, call 911 and report it to the police department.

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