Nahant ramping up wharf work for winter

The boat ramp of Tudor Wharf, in Nahant, is due for a $640,000 overhaul. Item photo by Owen O’Rourke.

By Bridget Turcotte

NAHANT — Nahant’s Tudor Wharf is ramping up for a winter update.

The project involves demolishing the existing concrete boat ramp and constructing a new one with the same general footprint and slope. Foundation stones on the existing seawall will be repaired. Both are dated and deteriorating, said Town Administrator Jeff Chelgren.

The Conservation Commission approved the environmental permit for the project last week. Chelgren said the next step is for it to be put out to bid.

The overall cost of the project is estimated to be $640,000. Earlier this year, the town received a state Seaport Economic Grant that will cover $410,000. The remaining cost was allocated at the last Town Meeting and will come from Community Preservation funds.
Work is expected to begin in December and will take four to six weeks to complete, depending on the weather.

“I would like to have it all done by mid-March,” Chelgren said. “On the first of April, fishermen start coming back and putting their boats in the water.”

He described the wharf as the heart of the Nahant community and the town’s sea industry.

“It’s a location where the commercial fishermen come out of, especially lobstermen,” he said. “We have boating clubs centered out of there, the Dory Club.”

The Nahant Sailing program offers boating classics ranging from basics to racing courses, for both children and adults. The wharf doubles as a center for community events like the annual Grand Pram Race. Throughout the summer months, it’s a popular spot for locals to gather, jump off the dock and swim.

Chelgren said the wharf has been in need of the planned improvements for years. At tonight’s Board of Selectmen meeting, he will give an update on the project and its timeline.

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