Revere High gets national recognition

Revere High School was one of two New England high schools to receive a 2016 Schools of Opportunity Gold award. Photo by Paula Muller

By Gayla Cawley

REVERE — Revere High School has received national recognition as a “School of Opportunity.”

The high school is one of only eight schools in the country to receive Gold-level recognition, a national designation that honors public high schools that participate in practices that build on students’ strengths and create supported learning opportunities for all students.

There were 150 schools across the country competing for the recognition and only two schools in New England were awarded, said Revere Superintendent Dianne Kelly.

“This is national recognition for Revere,” she said.

Revere High School has about 2,000 students. Many of the school’s immigrant students came with gaps in their education, leading the school to establish a Newcomers Academy. A cross-disciplinary team supports the students in the academy, where teachers employ culturally and linguistically responsive practices based on the student’s level of English-language proficiency and their academic needs.

Since the academy was established in 2013, many of the students involved have made the transition to mainstream classes, and there has been a decrease in dropout and student absentee rates. The Newcomers Academy is one of the programs that led to the Gold School of Opportunity recognition

“We are just so proud of our staff and students,” said Principal Lourenco Garcia in a statement. “The culture of unity and support, as well as the effort we put into building relationships create an environment where all students can achieve great things.”

The National Education Policy Center, based at the University of Colorado Boulder, sponsors the Schools of Opportunity project, which identifies schools that seek to close opportunity gaps.

“Revere’s strong support for immigrant students particularly stood out to the national team of reviewers,” said Carol Burris, school of opportunity project co-director, in a statement.

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