Revved up on classics in Lynnfield

Vintage cars at the Herb Chambers “Cars and Coffee” event on Sunday.


LYNNFIELD — Car enthusiasts packed the Herb Chambers “Cars and Coffee” event on Sunday.

Flagship Motors of Lynnfield welcomed visitors early and the crowd grew as the morning went on. The event is the dealership’s third of its kind this season.

Robert Chin, a product specialist, said he was happy with the turnout of hundreds of people to view the cars on display. The vehicles included the latest models, as well as restored vintage cars.

“I like talking with people about cars and events like this are great because it’s not really about sales,” he said. “It’s a chance to network and mingle with car lovers and other people in the business and not feel any pressure.”

Herb Chambers hosts several events for car enthusiasts throughout the summer at the area’s dealerships, including Hingham and Westborough.

He brought his 1953 Buick Skylark to this one. That car is one of a just 1,690 specialty convertibles built that year.

Michael Caras, 28, of Saugus, said he enjoys participating in shows as he displayed his 2008 Nissan 350Z. He said it might be the fastest car at the event. It has been customized and is valued at over $60,000, he added.

Colleen Sanford, from Lynn, showed her 2000 Corvette convertible at the event. The red car drew many admirers.

“This car is my weekend summer fun,” she said. “I enjoy shows like this and the people I meet are wonderful. I have won some trophies and that’s always fun. I fell in love with Corvettes when I was five and events like this are great way for serious car lovers to get together.”

Joseph Burke said he is enjoying his retirement from the General Electric Co. because he can devote more time to his two  passions: Corvettes and car shows. He is a member of a Corvette Club in Middleton and said he loves to talk about the 13 cars he owns. Six of them are Corvettes.

All of my cars have been restored and I love showing them at events like this,” he said. “Meeting new people is great and I get a kick out of talking cars with the people who stop by to look at mine.”

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