Voting rights register at NSCC



LYNN — Thanks to students at North Shore Community College, September has been named “Community College Voter Registration Month.”

The students drafted a resolution that says “Voting is a right, not a privilege. Voting is key to the quest for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Registration should be made as easy as possible.”

It cites a goal of registering 1,000 voters in community and state colleges in September. Throughout the month, cities and towns with a community or state college or university in their jurisdiction can conduct voter registrations.

The resolution was adopted unanimously at the recent Democratic State Convention. State Sen. Thomas M. McGee (D-Lynn)  said the first step is to get more people registered, and the second is getting them out to vote.

Borrowing a quote from former President John F. Kennedy, McGee said “One person can make a difference, and every person should try.”

He added that voting in local elections is just as important as voting in the presidential election.

“It starts from the ground level,” McGee said. “It’s such an important election year, but it’s important to be engaged in every election.”

Nathaniel Montero, North Shore’s student government association president, said he wrote the resolution and hoped to pass it at the state convention. But he never expected to hand the resolution to McGee.

“I’m very passionate about this,” said Montero, a 2016 graduate who will attend Boston University in the fall. “Coming from this school, I recognize the importance of being involved as a student leader. I’ve seen what change can do, but more can be done.”

Montero saw an opportunity to get more people involved and ran with it, he said.

“This resolution will help bring young people into the voting process,” said Ina Resnikoff, a counselor who worked with Montero on the initiative. “I think it will be a great initiative to mobilize youth and to further help broaden minds, develop skills and prepare students from diverse backgrounds for the future and the practice of citizenship.”

McGee said he was happy to see Montero excited about the election process.

“It’s good to see students at North Shore Community College getting involved and taking on that leadership,” he said. “It’s inspiring to me.”

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