Saugus has big plans for 2016


SAUGUS —The rezoning of Route One, one of the accomplishments for the Planning Board in 2015, will lead to bigger and better things in 2016, says chairman Peter Rossetti.

“The biggest thing and one of the more important things was the issue with the new Route One zoning,” Rossetti said. “That changed the way that the properties on Route One are going to be developed in the future.”

Under the zoning amendment, which passed in May by Town Meeting, properties of mixed-use are allowed at one location.

“It allows mixed-use, a combination of commercial, residential and other use on the same property that hasn’t been allowed in the past,” Rossetti said.

“The importance is if you have commercial development linked with residential development, there is a built in clientele,” he said.

As a result of the rezoning, two new developments have already been proposed for Route One.

The Planning board voted in October to approve a master plan for a development proposed for 1591 Broadway and Collins Avenue, in the place of Route 1 Miniature Golf and adjacent properties. The development master plan was the first of its kind to be approved by the town.

The developers worked closely with the town to create designs for the project that coincide with both the new bylaws and the specific needs of the town.

“Collins Avenue is going to be a mixed-use development with a major hotel, extended stay hotel, apartment units, and at least one restaurant and various retail operations,” Rossetti. “It’s fairly substantial.”

While Rossetti said he doesn’t expect that the development will be completed in its entirety in 2016, he believes a few of the six buildings could be finished.

“We also have the WoodSpring Suites development (in the works),” he said. “It’s an extended stay hotel.”

The WoodSpring Suite Extended Stay Hotel developers are looking to build the facility on the 3-acre piece of land currently occupied by Cap World, 832 Broadway. The hotel is expected to have four stories with about 122 rooms.

“Those are the two biggest developments,” Rossetti said. “We do have others in pipeline that ready to go soon.”

Rossetti said the Hilltop location is high on the list.

Also in 2016, there will be smaller developments in the works, Rossetti said.

“We are working with some of the various subdivisions in town,” he said.

There are a few potential developments that could be proposed for Route One and a few smaller developments around town that could be making proposals, he said. He expects that the developments could be something less than 10 units.

“We do have a number of things on the agenda,” Rossetti said. “Ballard street is coming in on temporary occupancy for condos. There is a contractor working on Berthold Street and they’re scheduled to be coming in within next few meetings.”

The next Planning Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday at 7 p.m. in the Town Hall Annex Meeting Room.

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