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‘T’ top cop Green does Lynn proud

First, and foremost, congratulations to Lynn native Kenneth Green for his promotion to be the chief of the MBTA Transit Police.

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Green has been doing the job on an acting basis since last November, so when it came time to make the position permanent, he was the obvious choice. He’s been on the transit police force since 1991, and was lauded by General Manager Frank DePaola, both for his extensive knowledge of the system and his strong relationships with the communities the system serves.

Green is not shy about crediting both his football experiences and his roots for helping make him what he is today.

He is a Lynn man through and through. He graduated from Lynn Classical, where he played football on the Rams’ first-ever Super Bowl championship team.

And, he says, his experience on the gridiron prepared him well for his future in law enforcement, as well as his elevation to chief of a police force with 270 officers.

It points up one very real aspect of high school athletics that often gets lost in the rush to crown champions: the amount of work and discipline it takes just to prepare for a game, let alone winning or losing it.

The commitment to excel, and the lessons learned in teamwork prepare kids for the single-mindedness that allows them to work as hard as they can for what they want to achieve as adults. They also learn quite a bit about the collaborative process by being part of a team.

It is also heartening to hear Green talk passionately about how much he loves the City of Lynn, and how much he wants to do the city proud. As anyone who has lived in the city knows, Lynn has to fight certain stigmas common to all urban areas.

Green’s desire to be a positive ambassador for Lynn can only be seen as a breath of fresh air.

We are sure that Kenneth Green will represent the city proudly — as he has done already, and we wish him the best of luck in his new, permanent job.


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