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Revere may allow later closing time for some bars

The move earlier this month by the Revere License Commission to extend the city’s bar closing time on a case-by-case basis — which may allow establishments that apply to close at 2 a.m. instead of the current 1 a.m. — is a reasonable compromise that Lynn officials might also consider.

Revere followed Lynn in 2008 by imposing a universal 1 a.m. closing time for liquor-serving establishments. We respect the view of Lynn Police Chief Kevin Coppinger who has said many times that since that time, that the earlier closing time has led to fewer police-related incidents and safer streets in the early morning hours.

At the same time, we recognize that many establishments lost 365 hours of brisk business when the rollbacks took effect in each city and that seemed a high price, especially for establishments that had never been the target of a police complaint or had a disturbance call.

Revere License Commission Chairman Joseph Quarantello said he favors letting those establishments without a blemish on their record stay open later, in order to give them a fighting chance for business if a resort casino is approved for the region next year.

“If the casinos come in ”¦ it will have an effect and I want to give businesses the advantage,” Quarantello said.

Among those vying for the single Boston area resort casino license are Suffolk Downs/Caesars Entertainment’s plan for the East Boston racetrack and Casino Mogul Steve Wynn’s plan to build on the Mystic River in Everett. Either, if approved, would be a potential business threat for Lynn area pubs.

Toward that end, Lynn officials might consider re-visiting the city’s closing time. By reviewing applications for a later closing time on a case-by-case basis granting permission only after scrutiny and perhaps subject to conditions, the interests of public safety and business fairness might be mutually served.

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