Lynn can do more to spur development

To The Item Editor:

In regards to the new promises of development at the Beacon Chevrolet site: Is Lynn so stigmatized that even waterfront development is seen as a bad investment?

We have three or four very large parcels within 20 minutes of Logan and downtown Boston. Yet all have been in private hands and left undeveloped, or underdeveloped (I’m looking at you, Christies) for almost 30 years. In that 30 years we have seen a housing boom and bust, dot-com boom and bust, and another housing boom and bust.

Since 1987 the Dow has bounced, but progressed from 1,500 to 15,000. We have seen the entire development of the South Boston waterfront from concept to completion. We have seen shipyards in Hingham turned into large valuable mixed-use developments. We have seen large mixed-use developments along the Mystic River in Everett, and now Somerville. Somerville, where a neighborhood group has fought tooth and nail against development! Now Somerville is so pro-development that it convinced the state it needed a new Orange Line stop right in the middle of the new area.

And where is Lynn? Playing the blame game. It is time to stop pointing fingers and point the way toward full development of the waterfront. Special tax breaks, grants, zoning variances, etc. I’m not saying allow Revere Beach-sized condos, but give developers a chance to profit and they will come.

 — Gary Quinton, Lynn


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