Ghosts From the Past: The Mystery of the Phantom Dog is a serial story written by Mary Maden and illustrated by Vicki Wallace. It will run weekly for eighteen weeks.

Story Description

Toby and Ali are back in a spine-tingling, new mystery. Join them as they follow the trail of an elusive Phantom Dog ”“ a trail with so many twists and turns that you will be on the edge of your seat until the shocking conclusion!

Life at Latham House has been quiet and ordinary. But that’s all about to change! The sudden appearance of a big, black dog with eerie blue eyes brings an eighty-year-old mystery to light. And it’s up to Toby and Ali to solve it!

With the help of a crusty old sea captain named Henry, Toby and Ali unravel the clues to the mystery surrounding the tragic fate of a sunken ship, Northern Light. A ghost ship shrouded in rumors of murder and mutiny!

Who is the ghostly Lady in White who haunts Toby’s dreams? Is the black dog with the eerie blue eyes real or just a figment of Toby’s imagination? What is the mysterious “Light of the Seven Seas?” And what is the dangerous secret ”“ that if revealed ”“ could cost Toby and Ali their very lives? And just who is Captain Henry ”“ Really?

Find out all these answers and more as Toby and Ali unlock the truth of a secret that has been kept for over 80 years ”“ The Mystery of the Phantom Dog!

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