Marblehead film locations being worked out

MARBLEHEAD – The Towns of Marblehead and Swampscott and Columbia Pictures are hard at work preparing a master contract that will list all the locations the studio plans to use for the filming of the Adam Sandler movie “Grown Ups 2.”Among those locations will be an ice cream concession stand on the hillside overlooking Gatchell Playground on Route 114. The prefab stand will be erected by June 8 so that Adam Sandler, Kevin Smith, Chris Rock and David Spade can be filmed getting ice cream there.A retired football field nearby will house a tent where crew members can eat and Columbia will restore the field for use as a football field. Seaside Park will also be used for meals for the estimated 180 student extras scheduled for a scene at Marblehead Veterans Middle School and the extras? parents.Also on the location list is thought to be an undisclosed main stage which the studio is negotiating to rent. Plans are to erect a tent at that location containing a tennis court, an in-ground pool and other sets to be used for a month of filming.Location staffer Mark Fitzgerald, who has been at work firming up various locations for the past five weeks, told the Recreation and Parks Commission Thursday evening, “I?ve been getting calls from people with pools, all the way to Mississippi.”He assured the commission members, “Nobody?s going to break ground until the agreement is signed.”The studio originally planned to erect the stage at Christopher Piper Field at Marblehead High but withdrew that request due to strong public opposition.By contrast, Thursday?s commission meeting drew only one visitor as Fitzgerald and the commission worked out details for Gatchell?s Playground and Seaside Park. Columbia is paying $41,000 for the use of Gatchell?s, which will include a $1,000 donation to Marblehead Youth Baseball and $1,500 for Seaside.Commission member Derek Norcross admitted some reservations about the $1,500, but noted, “You?re being really generous with Gatchell?s.”Commissioners unanimously approved both rentals.

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