Lynn man accused of sexual assault of relative

LYNN – A Lynn man is accused of allegedly sexually assaulting his underage relative on numerous occasions, according to court documents.Police say the victim, now 17 years old, came forward with the allegations in May at his family’s request, following his disclosure of the assaults that allegedly occurred six years ago. During his interview, the victim said he was allegedly first assaulted by the suspect, Albert Lacey, 35, of 67 Lowell St., on Thanksgiving morning when he was 11 years old.He said he woke up to allegedly find Lacey’s “head in my pants” while he was sleeping in a downstairs bedroom with a cousin and a family friend. According to court documents, the victim said he didn’t tell anyone at the time because he didn’t trust anyone in his family and wanted to take care of his own business.The victim went on to say in his interview that Lacey allegedly suffered from a drug addiction and was possibly doing cocaine and heroin during the times that he was allegedly assaulted by him again at ages 12 and 13.After the last assault, the victim said he kept his distance from Lacey and ended up seeing him at a city convenience store a couple of months before he decided to speak to police about the allegations. When he saw Lacey, the victim alleged that Lacey handed him a handwritten note that said, “Hey little (big) man. Call me on Thursday between 7:30-8 a.m. Do you remember who BJ is. I do and I miss him.”Police say they seized the note as evidence and asked Lacey about it during his interview. Lacey denied the accusations, saying the victim was a pathological liar. He also denied ever sexually assaulting his relative, even though he was “messed up” from illegal drugs. When asked about the note, Lacey said it was meant for a gay man dying of AIDS, who he said is infatuated with him and likes to exchange sexually explicit notes.Court documents show that another one of Lacey’s relatives told police Lacey allegedly sexually assaulted one or both of her sons in the early 1990s, which Lacey also vehemently denied.Lacey was charged with rape of a child with force and arraigned Tuesday at Lynn District Court. Lacey was ordered held in lieu of $2,000 cash bail with a probable cause hearing scheduled for Sept. 22.The victim said he decided to come forward with the allegations after six years because he doesn’t want Lacey to assault anyone else.

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