Coyote confab on tap in Nahant

NAHANT – To educate residents about coyotes and to help allay fears, town officials scheduled an informational session on Feb. 16 at 7 p.m. in Town Hall.Selectman Richard Lombard said he hasn’t seen the coyote recently but believes it is still in town.?I have heard reports from people,” he said. “I know people have seen coyote tracks in the snow. I think everyone in town who is concerned about coyotes should attend the meeting.”Laura Hajduk, a fur-bearer biologist for the state Division of Fish and Wildlife, is scheduled to give a comprehensive talk about coyotes, which will be followed by a question-and-answer period.Hajduk said her talk would last approximately 45 minutes and would be broken down into two parts.She said the first portion would cover coyote behavior, habitat and food sources; the remainder will teach residents how to coexist with coyotes.She said one of the most important things residents can do to discourage coyotes is remove all food sources. She said trash cans should be tightly covered and pets should not be fed outdoors.Lombard said residents would have an opportunity to express their concerns.?I think it will give people a clear picture of what the situation is,” he said. “It will give people an opportunity to express their concerns to the selectmen, town manager, police chief and state.”Lombard said he firmly believes there is a possibility the coyote could pose a threat and it should be removed from town.?I hope state will declare it a threat and order it removed,” he said. “This is a one-square mile populated area and it doesn’t belong here.Lombard added that having a coyote loose in town generates the same concern that a loose snake did recently on the Red Line.?That snake probably wouldn’t have hurt anyone,” Lombard said. “But people have fears and it didn’t belong on the Red Line. The coyote doesn’t belong here.”

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