Swampscott school turns 100

SWAMPSCOTT – A 100th birthday bash was held at Hadley Elementary School on Friday afternoon and the guest of honor, the school’s namesake Miss Elizabeth Hadley, took the 285 students and guests back to 1911 when the school was built.First-grader Lillian Pulaski eagerly anticipated the party.”I like to sing Happy Birthday,” she said. ” I think we’re going to have a cake that looks like our school.”First-grader Charlie Sullivan voiced a bit of concern about the age of the building.”If a person was 100 years old they would be weak,” he said. “Maybe the school is getting old and weak.”Regardless, Sullivan said, “I’m looking forward to the music.”Principal Sandra Rivers welcomed the guests and introduced Janet L. Parnes, of her Royal Tea Parties by Lady J. Parnes, who was dressed in 1911 attire and portrayed Elizabeth Hadley during the assembly.”I taught at the Redington Street School until Hadley School was built to replace it,” she said. “I taught in this school when the doors opened on February 11, 1911.”‘Hadley’ said she was flabbergasted when she found out the new school was being named in her honor.”I’m not sure I deserved such a tribute,” she said. “But I’m very, very honored.”Speaking as Hadley, Parnes explained how things were in 1911 and expressed dismay over how much has changed. She said she couldn’t quite understand why boys have long hair and girls wear trousers.”Young ladies in 2011 must be raised in barns,” she said. “Running across the field and kicking a ball with their knees exposed.”She said Hadley School looks the same as when she taught there but she scolded the teachers for their improper dress and unconventional attitudes.”The teachers are a concern,” she said. “I see men teachers. Men are not supposed to be teachers except in an emergency.”That didn’t sit well with Audrey Jurma-Kraft, who is in Mike Citino’s second-grade class.”That’s not fair,” she said. “I like my teacher. Men can be teachers.”Second-grader McKenzie Smith said she enjoyed the historical presentation but wasn’t eager to try any of the home remedies presented by Parnes, especially the vinegar, raw whole egg and honey cough medicine.”It looks pretty weird,” Smith said. “I wouldn’t take it. I think Coca Cola for a headache is weird, too. The little (topsy turvey) doll was pretty though.”The third- and fourth-grade choruses sang rousing renditions of songs that spanned the last 100 years including, “You’re a Grand Old Flag” and “Side By Side.”Several senior citizens were on hand for the celebration including Harvey Newcomb, who graduated from the eighth grade at Hadley in 1954. Newcomb lives on Devens Road and said the original portion of his house used to be located where Hadley School is today.”Back in 1910 or so they moved the house from here (where Hadley School is located on Redington) to Mapledale Place and Devens Road. I’ve lived in that house since 1966.”Lily Raymond, who is 7 years old, said she was looking forward to having cake, which would be served in her classroom. The cake was provided by Matilde and David Peach, parents of a Hadley School pupil and owners of Peaches & Cream.

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