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Swampscott native enjoys Super Bowl success from behind camera

SWAMPSCOTT – Swampscott High School graduate Bryan Buckley got to spend plenty of time with teen idol Justin Bieber and aging rocker Ozzy Osbourne recently while directing Super Bowl commercials.”Working on a set with Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne is about as much fun as you can have,” he said. “The whole Bieber thing was crazy though. There were lots of screaming teenage girls around when we were filming the Best Buy commercial for the Super Bowl. Ozzy was in a much better place than he was when I worked with him in 2002. This time he was the happiest guy on the planet.”Six of the ads that aired in Sunday’s Super Bowl were the work of the 1981 Swampscott High School graduate, who owns Hungry Man, a production company.Buckley said he also enjoyed working with Faith Hill on the Teleflora spot that ran during the Super Bowl and continues to run on television and radio.”She loves Boston,” he said. “She is a huge Patriots fan and was as disappointed as I was the Patriots were not in the Super Bowl. The Patriots are her team the whole way. She is really sweet and was great to work with.”Buckley said he can’t take credit for most of the content of the ads he works on.He said Hungry Man is contacted by advertising agencies that provide him with an idea for a spot a client wants produced.”Sometime it’s half-baked and other times it’s almost ready to produce,” he said. “We take the idea we get from the ad agency and run with it. Sometimes things change at the last minute. We’ve made changes at the last minute on the set during filming. Things are constantly in flux.”Buckley said there are grueling 20-hour days for him, but he loves what he does.”I have recently worked with Conan O’Brien a lot. I did the spot for his late night show. The minute I met him I thought he’s such a great guy. He’s so oblivious to his success and such a genuine person. He’s a really incredible individual.”Buckley’s father, Dick Buckley of Marblehead, said he worked with his son on a couple of projects when he first started making television spots and he’s always been impressed with his talent.”I am unbelievably proud of him,” Dick Buckley said. “We texted each other a few times during the Super Bowl when I was watching the ads. He has directed more than 30 Super Bowl commercials.”Dick Buckley said his son always knew he wanted to go into advertising.”I remember when Bryan was still in high school,” he said. “He told me he wanted to be an art director at Doyle Dane Bernbach. In February of his senior year at Syracuse University he told me he was going on spring break. I told him he was going to go to New York and look for a job. “Buckley landed his dream job, but it wasn’t long before he started directing commercials.His production company has offices in several locations, including New York, Los Angeles and London.The Directors Guild of America named him Commercial Director of the Year five years after he started directing commercials and in 2006 he was ranked number one in the world for award-winning commercials, according to Creativity magazine.He has received numerous awards, including nine Cannes International Advertising Festival awards and a Grand Clio. Some of his work has been installed in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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