Nahant to hold info session on coyotes

NAHANT – Despite reassurances from a state wildlife biologists, some town residents remain afraid coyotes are becoming more aggressive and could pose a danger to humans. To educate residents and help allay fears, town officials have scheduled an informational session on coyotes on Jan. 26 at 7 p.m. in Town Hall.Laura Hajduk, a fur-bearer biologist for the state Division of Fish and Wildlife, was at a selectmen meeting in December to address concerns about recent coyote activity in town.She said she would be returning to town to give a comprehensive talk about coyotes, which would be followed by a question-and-answer period.Hajduk said Nahant is not unique and coyotes are present in every town in the state with the exception of the islands. She said her 45-minute talk would be divided into two parts.?The first part will cover the basics ? why coyotes do what they do, their behavior, what they feed on and their habitat.”Hajduk said the second portion of her talk would teach residents how to co-exist with coyotes. She said one of the most important things is to remove all food sources.?Do not feed the animals,” she said. “Trash cans should be tightly covered. Do not feed pets outdoors and clean up any food around bird feeders.”Hajduk explained coyotes do not have an instinctive fear of man because it does not have any natural predators in Massachusetts.?It does not flee instinctively,” she said. “People should harass the animal and let it know it is not welcome. Bang pots and pans. Blow a foghorn. Make a lot of noise. Throw a snowball or tennis ball in its direction. Let it know it’s not welcome.”Selectman Richie Lombard said he would like the town to issue a whistle to each resident.?I don’t think the foghorns and tennis balls will do it,” he said. “I just want to make sure everyone is safe and make sure everyone is protected. We’re looking at a couple of options including issuing whistles.”Lombard said the whistles would be heard throughout town and the police could respond when one is heard.?The police can come by and turn on the sirens,” Lombard said. “That would scare the coyotes away.”Nahant Animal Control Officer Michael Kairevich encouraged residents to attend the informational session.

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