Political humor of Steve Sweeney invades Giggles this weekend

SAUGUS ? The last time comedian Steve Sweeney played Saugus he had a short stand-up routine introducing then Senator-elect Scott Brown who was on a victory tour after defeating Martha Coakley.This weekend fans of Sweeney, who has been called the undisputed king of Boston comedy, will have three opportunities to see his act at Giggles on Route 1.Sweeney, who says his routine almost always includes politics, should have plenty of political ammunition thanks to the state’s special election for Senate.During his introduction of Brown last month, Sweeney said, “I realize Obama got the peace prize which was great but what will he receive if he does anything?” Sweeney asked. “Will they give him the Heisman?”I’m going to talk about Brown, Deval Patrick, Tim Cahill and Charlie Baker,” Sweeney said. “It is going to be about the general state of the world inside and outside of the Greater Lynn area.”Sweeney, who says he got his start during the early 1970s, with a small group of Boston would-be comedians including such unknowns as Lenny Clarke, Kevin Meaney, Jay Leno, Bobcat Goldwaithe and Steven Wright, was the star of “Park Street Under” and has been a regular on TV shows including David Letterman, Evening at The Improv, HBO and Caroline’s. He has also performed for The Cam Neely – Dennis Leary Comics Come Home special.Sweeney will be doing three shows this weekend: Friday at 8:30 p.m. and Saturday at 7:15 and 9:30 p.m. Tickets are $27.50.Joining Sweeney Friday night will be Frank Santorelli (known for his portrayal of “Georgie,” the bartender on the Sopranos) and Danny Miller.”I love being considered a regular at Giggles,” Santorelli said in a phone interview Tuesday. “It has become the home club of all Boston comedians now.”What I don’t understand is why Steve is closing the show. I am so much funnier than he is. I guess it is because he has been here longer than me. When I got here 20 years ago Steve was already a dinosaur. I know I am a dinosaur now, but let’s face it Steve can no longer take it to the hoop. He even has trouble from the free-throw line.”Sweeney, as is the norm, was not at a loss for words talking about Santorelli. “If Santorelli could just put down the cheeseburger for five minutes and actually write a joke that might help him a bit. Maybe then he could be closing,” Sweeney said. “As a matter of fact I may have to fire him. I will allow him to open for me one last time Friday night.”During Saturday’s two shows, Sweeney will be joined by Miller and Graig Murphy, known for his impressions of sports celebrities.Murphy, who is a past winner of WEEI radio’s “Whiner of the Year,” features the voices of Red Sox manager Terry Francona, Patriots owner Robert Kraft, baseball announcers Jon Miller and Joe Morgan and many more.”Not only is Graig a great kid, but he is also a funny son of a gun,” comedian Lenny Clarke has said. “This Graig Murphy is going to be a big one.”If You Go?Sweeney will be doing three shows this weekend: Friday at 8:30 p.m.and Saturday at 7:15 and 9:30 p.m. Tickets are $27.50.

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