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Wyoma’s Burt makes history with Home Run Derby win

Wyoma’s Katie Burt became the first girl in Lynn Little League Home Run Derby history to win the home run championship, which she did Sunday against 12 other sluggers, all boys.In the finals at Wyoma, Katie walloped 16 homers over the fences, trees, and rooftops to win the trophy, presented by Bob Keaney, the derby director for the 12th straight season.Click here for a photo gallery.Burt had gained winter fame as the sixth-grade star who led her older Lynn merged high school hockey teammates (Classical, English, and Winthrop players) to a 16-5 record as the league all-star goalie. She will enter the seventh grade at Pickering in September. She is the daughter of Kris and Jim Burt.Wyoma’s field became Home Run Heaven yesterday as the players hit fan-pleasing, heart-pounding, tape-measure jobs. Some of the longest home runs were smashed by Brad Dill and Cullen Dunnigan, both of Wyoma, and Pine Hill’s Brad Scuzzarella, who was tremendous despite a sore batting hand. Dunnigan, son of Lynn policeman Glenn Dunnigan, had hit 20 during the recent Little League season.Other home run derby round-trippers came from the bats of Dennis Newhall, Kyle O’Connor, Anthony De la Cruz, Mike Ausiello, Mike Harris, Jordan Javier, and Jason Piazza.The Derby Committee of Keaney, Patrick Smith, Jim Price, Alice O’Neil, Demetrios Kritikos and Paul Hartford awarded all 13 contestants with trophies from the Kevin Harrington Trophy Shop. Dill, son of Wyoma League president Tom Dill, also earned the Mickey Smith Memorial Award (as home run runner-up, with 12) from Mickey’s son, Pat Smith.Keaney honored Little league Commissioner Alice O’Neil for her 44 years in Little League work, lauding her for her extraordinary efforts with the Challenger League for handicapped players. All 13 Home Run Derby batters walked over to O’Neil on the field and shook her hand while thanking her for a job well done.

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