KIPP Academy Lynn awarded $45G grant

LYNN – KIPP Academy Lynn will continue to fund extended learning time and academic excellence thanks to a grant from the Amelia Peabody Foundation.The $45,000 grant will support the school’s “More Time” extended learning time efforts, which is the core of KIPP’s 10-hour school day.By hosting students for a longer school day than most public schools, KIPP is able to increase the amount of time a student spends studying each subject and has the ability to add more content to its curriculum.”More Time” includes expanded class time as well as opportunities for students to take any number of the 18 electives offered by the school, many of which include character development components.The school says the grant will also fund technology resources at the school.With 325 students at the grade 5-8 school, KIPP has used discipline and order to help students achieve academic excellence, including some of the best MCAS test scores in the state. The goal of the school is to provide an environment of academic excellence, consistent discipline, high expectations, commitment, longer school days and fun where the “educationally under-served, diverse population” of students in Lynn will develop the academic skills, intellectual habits and character traits. The Wellesley-based Amelia Peabody Foundation offers grant money to schools and other educational programs in Massachusetts in order to “increase the number, range and depth of positive learning experiences available to materially disadvantaged young people living in the cities and towns of Massachusetts.”Although KIPP is a public charter school that receives per-pupil funding from the state, charter schools do not receive the same amount of funding as traditional public schools, making grants and private donations a necessity to continue operation.

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