Hooters will ship calendars to U.S. troops

SAUGUS ? Support our troops. Send them a Hooters girl pictorial calendar.Any interested in pursuing this gesture of patriotism can go to the Hooters restaurant on Route 1 in Saugus and purchase a 2009 calendar, knowing the company will do the rest in terms of postage, shipping and handling.”This event is a way for Hooters and the Saugus community to show support for the troops who are defending our country,” said Alexis Aleshire, public relations manager for Hooters. “Being away from home during the holidays is tough and Operation Calendar Drop is our way of sending season’s greetings to those overseas.”According to Aleshire, the restaurant chain has conducted the calendar drop for the past three years, delivering about 20,000 annually. “We get very positive responses, thank-you notes and pictures from the troops, many of whom are stationed in the Middle East,” she said. “We send them to troops all over the world, wherever there’s a military post office. We don’t know where they end up until we hear back.”Those who purchase a calendar can attach a personalized note of appreciation to an unknown sailor, soldier or Marine currently stationed in a foreign country.For more information, visit Saugus Hooters or call (339) 600-7311.

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