Chamber speakers to talk on growing your business online

LYNN ? Two high-technology professionals will share their expertise on how to grow a business using the Internet when the Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce hosts a breakfast meeting Friday.The event, at the Porthole restaurant, features presentations by Corey Tapper, founder and chief executive officer of Techevolution, and Peter Van Ness, founder and president of the Van Ness Group.”More swiftly and profoundly than television did 50 years ago, new media are revolutionizing the way we live, work and play by changing, forever, the way we interact with one another,” said JoAnn Power, a chamber spokesperson. “Our expert guest speakers will simply and effectively share insight and tactics as to how to use the Web to grow your business.”According to Power, guests will hear about how to harness the possibilities of these new media ? the Web, e-mail marketing, blogging, and other skills ? and how they can benefit a company and its stakeholders. The event, titled “Using the Web to Grow Your Business,” begins at 7:30 a.m.Techevolution in Lynn is a full-service Web hosting firm offering specialized Internet services to individuals, professionals, small businesses and corporate clients. The Van Ness Group, Inc. in Gloucester is a full-service Web development, marketing and public relations firm.Founded in 1998, the Van Ness Group is the third technology-related venture for entrepreneur Peter Van Ness. Since founding Personal Computer Solutions in 1983, he has been helping people grow their businesses and realize the benefits of information technology.Tapper’s high-technology ventures date to his college days, when on a bet he hooked up a computer network using rudimentary equipment.Admission to the talk is $20 for chamber members and $30 for non-members. A full breakfast is included. Those planning to attend are asked to RSVP to the Lynn chamber at (781) 592-2900. Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted.

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