Saugus overpowers Lynnfield

LYNNFIELD – After 48 hours of continuous rain, the game played Sunday afternoon between Saugus and Lynnfield was as ugly as the rain-soaked field it was played on. Saugus won, 49-28.Lynnfield opened the game up strong, scoring an opening-drive touchdown by quarterback Chris Grassi, but the Pioneers’ celebration was short-lived as Saugus immediately came back with a touchdown of its own, scoring on a Mike Dean 56-yard touchdown run.With the score tied at seven in the second quarter, Saugus came on strong with back-to-back touchdowns, the first a Shamir Guillaume three-yard run, and the second on quarterback Bret Reid’s own two-yard run. With a muddy field, and a slick ball, passing yards were tough to come by; however, trailing by two touchdowns and with halftime approaching, Lynnfield quarterback A.J. Roberto tossed a 45-yard completion to John Caruso, setting up a Gino Cohee TD run.Following the game, Lynnfield head coach Neal Weidman said, “(Grassi) played pretty well today despite tough conditions, as did our running backs, especially with Gino only being a sophomore; we ask a lot of our guys, ask a lot of all our sophomores.”As the third quarter began, Lynnfield found itself trailing by just a touchdown, despite being outplayed and overmatched. Saugus immediately flexed its muscle and and scored on a very impressive 42-yard touchdown run by running back Brendon Flaherty. Following the touchdown, Lynnfield turned the ball over on the kick return, setting up another Saugus touchdown. Then Lynnfield suffered an interception thrown by Grassi and picked off by Saugus’ Dean, who took the ball in 38 yards for the score. In a matter of less than five minutes, Saugus took a four-touchdown lead and complete control of the game.In the fourth quarter, Saugus opened the lead to 49-14 before Lynnfield managed to find its groove. First, on what was its longest drive of the game, Lynnfield took the ball the length of the field and scored on a six-yard run by senior Ben Salisbury. With some momentum on its side, Lynnfield recovered an onside kick and scored on a Grassi touchdown pass to receiver Tyler Surette.Weidman said that despite the final score, his team did some good things.”We thought we could stay close,” he said. “It would have been closer if we didn’t make that many mistakes; offensively we hung right with them, defensively we had a problem.”

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