Scholarship remembers Reddy

It is not a coincidence that the word “improvement” appears in the first of six listed criteria for the Patrick Reddy Memorial Scholarship at St. Mary’s.The people at St. Mary’s will tell you – and Reddy’s family and friends will certainly concur – that rarely have they seen a young adult improve so much in so many facets of his life as Patrick Reddy.Thus, the scholarship in Reddy’s name is awarded to students who have “demonstrated academic improvement over the course of his/her career at St. Mary’s.” Other qualifications include “shown a positive attitude and pleasant demeanor” and “demonstrated willingness to subordinate personal achievement for the benefit of the team or school community.”While it is tragic that a scholarship in Reddy’s name includes the word “memorial” – the former St. Mary’s hockey standout was killed on Jan. 8, 2007, when the car in which he and three Bridgton Academy teammates were riding crashed in Maine – those he left behind are determined to keep his legacy alive by recognizing students who exhibit the qualities that endeared Reddy to all who knew him.”With the scholarships, we’re trying to capture Patrick’s spirit as demonstrated by the candidates,” said Chris Reddy, Patrick’s uncle and a member of the scholarship committee. “We’re looking for improvement and development as a person. It’s hugely important for us to encourage and reward that.””We’re looking for young people who set an example for younger kids,” said Tim Ferrari, also a Reddy Scholarship committee member.Formed in the days and weeks after Reddy’s death, the scholarship fund has already grown to an endowment of $60,000. The second annual Patrick Reddy Golf Tournament will be held Monday at Gannon Golf Club. The golf is sold out, but dinner tickets, which include a commemorative gift, are available at Gannon for $50.Starting this year, two scholarships will be awarded to St. Mary’s students, one to an incoming senior and one to a junior. In addition to the scholarships, the Reddy family – parents Mike and Sue, and sister Shannon – has donated more than $6,000 in the last year to a variety of youth sports organizations, including a junior golf membership at Gannon to a member of the English and Classical golf teams.”It’s important for all of us to keep Patrick’s spirit and memory alive,” Chris Reddy said. “He went into St. Mary’s as a kid who was a little rough around the edges and he made amazing progress on the ice, in the classroom and as a young man. That’s the spirit we’re tying to capture with this scholarship.”That is indeed a worthy pursuit and a fitting tribute to a very special young man.

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