David Copperfield performs at The Opera House May 9-11

BOSTON ? Imagine if you could win the lottery, travel to your perfect place in the blink of an eye, own your dream car or reunite with a lost loved one.It could happen? in the most unexpected place- on stage at The Opera House in Boston.?David Copperfield: An Intimate Night of Grand Illusion” will be at the Opera House from May 9-11 and his goal is to take dreams and make them become reality using state of the art wizardry.?In ?Grand Illusion,’ the audiences get to watch their dreams come true, live, before their very eyes and in three dimensions,” Copperfield said. “It’s an interactive experience of wish fulfillment. Nothing like it has been done before. ?Grand Illusion’ deals with real people who dream of being reunited with a loved one they thought they’d never see again and making it happen, instantly, in front of three or four thousand people who witness the event and see that it’s real.”Copperfield explained the show was inspired in part by an unfulfilled wish of his grandfather’s that a lot of people share- hitting the lottery.?We call it an intimate evening of grand illusion partly because it’s interactive,” he said. “In one of the pieces, for example, the audience discovers how to predict lottery numbers that will come up that night. They get to participate in illusions that blur the line between magic and reality.”One of the most startling illusions Copperfield performs in the show is “reunion” in which an audience member takes the trip of a lifetime.Here a member of the audience takes the trip of his or her life. While standing on a crane arm with Copperfield, suspended over the heads of the audience, the audience member vanishes and reappears moments later in the location of their dreams.One of Copperfield’s most requested illusions is “Thirteen.” Thirteen audience members chosen entirely at random vanish, leaving friends and family wondering whether to applaud or put their loved ones’ faces on milk cartons. Their fears are allayed as the 13 reappear in unexpected places.?David Copperfield: An Intimate Evening Of Grand Illusion” is show that reaches into the audiences’ minds and hearts and takes them on a whirlwind tour of wish fulfillment.?For magic to be relevant,” Copperfield said. “It has to evolve so it keeps up with, or even surpasses, the best film and theater. I want to base my work on what people really dream about. Most of us don’t dream of pulling a rabbit out of a hat. But what affects people is realizing personal dreams, dreams almost everyone shares, that they thought were impossible. In the cinema the audience watches the characters’ dreams come true.”With his off-the-cuff brand of humor, Copperfield breaks new ground in “Grand Illusion” and takes his art to a grand yet intimate, personal yet universal dimension for an evening of wonders that will never be forgotten.Copperfield will be performing at The Opera House May 9-11. Tickets, which range in price from $30 to $65, are available at all Ticketmaster Outlets, at The Colonial Theatre Box Office, 106 Boylston Street, Boston and The Opera House Box Office, 539 Washington St., Boston. B Tickets are also available online at Ticketmaster.com and BroadwayAcrossAmerica.com or by calling 617-931-2787.

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