Cab Calloway Orchestra to perform at Temple Emanu-El

MARBLEHEAD ? Hi-de-hi-de-hi-de-ho. The Cab Calloway Orchestra, led by C. Calloway Brooks, is coming to Temple Emanu-El in Marblehead on Sunday, April 27.Calloway, who died in 1994, became the cultural epitome of the American Swing Era and the Cab Calloway Orchestra, which is led by his grandson C. Calloway Brooks, is celebrating the 100th anniversary of Calloway’s birthday this year.The Calloway theme song “Minnie The Moocher” was one of Calloway’s trademark songs about the culture and nightlife of Harlem and it became so popular that “Hi-de-hi-de-hi-de-ho” became a catch phrase throughout the world.Brooks, who is a graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music, has assembled what is inarguably some of the finest jazz musicians in the world to continue the legacy of the great American Jazz Orchestra tradition.Calloway introduced his grandson Brooks, who is known as C.B., to the world on the Edward R. Murrow show when Brooks was just a few weeks old. Decades later, Brooks went on to perform and study extensively with his grandfather from the 1970’s through early 1990’s. After Calloway died in 1994, C. Calloway Brooks carried on the Cab Calloway Orchestra tradition.?I will never forget one of our conversations together not long before Granddad had the massive stroke that took him,” Brooks said. “He got all choked up, which was rare, because he was one tough cookie offstage. Granddad talked about the music and said that he couldn’t understand why more people didn’t know and love it. He said he was afraid it would die out, and that everybody would forget it. I’m glad so many people are helping me prove the old man wrong for a change. I somehow know that Granddad is smiling down on us, and maybe scatting along to some of his favorite tunes.”Under the direction of Brooks, the orchestra delivers the authentic sound of a jazz orchestra with “Swing that is King” and “Jive That’s Alive.”?Audiences will get that Calloway feeling,” Brooks said. “Fun, tight ensemble work, authenticity, freshness, nice staging and presentation that’s what you get as well. You won’t just be listening to one or two soloists all night: we’ve got trumpets, bass, saxophones, piano, trombones, drums, and each one gets a feature at some point in the performance, plus I play guitar as well as sing and conduct the orchestra.”Brooks described the performance as high energy with plenty of opportunities for audience participation.?The band has a huge dramatic range: happy, tragic, intimate, bombastic, dazzling, it is basically a “good time band” at the root,” Brooks said. “So expect to walk away smiling.”The Show is the 17th Annual Jazz Concert and Fundraiser for Temple Emanu-El Brotherhood.

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