Swampscott police program takes aim at opportunistic criminals

SWAMPSCOTT-Unfortunately criminals tend to take advantage of people when they are most vulnerable ? including when they lose a loved one, according to police.Swampscott Detective Ted Delano said the department is offering a program to residents that could help prevent a break-in when there is a death in the family.?As we know all too well, criminals read the obituaries and discover when services for the deceased are,” he said.Police Chief Ronald Madigan said there was an incident in town years ago when burglars broke into a home during a funeral and at least one of them wore a suit. When officers knocked at the front door, the perpetrator in the suit answered.?He might have been able to talk his way out of trouble if the police hadn’t noticed a broken window in the back of the house,” Madigan said.Delano said the police department has a form residents can fill out to make the police department aware of funeral services.?The department will make every effort possible to have a patrol in the area of the home at the time of the service,” he said.Delano said the death notification forms are available at the police department, many local funeral homes and online at said the department also has a notification form available for residents to fill out when they are going on vacation or will be away for an extended time.?Past criminal activities have shown the department that criminals often target houses when the resident is away,” he said. “If we know someone is away we will make every effort to patrol their area.”

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