Marblehead prepping for upcoming three-way state representative election

MARBLEHEAD-Faced with a three-way election for state representative, Town Clerk Robin Michaud is also bracing herself for the May 12 town election.While she waits for the nomination papers request forms to arrive from the State House, the half-dozen candidates who have come to her office hoping for a head start have filled out cards requesting nomination papers.That?s a quarter of the 25 elected posts up for grabs this year.And it looks like there could be a challenger seeking a seat on the School Committee this year: Richard Scott Nohelty, a Leicester Road resident. A 14-year resident of the town and financial planner, he has served on the site-based management teams at the Glover-Eveleth schools and Marblehead Village School.Jackie Belf-Becker has taken out papers to return to the Board of Selectmen for another year and Patricia Blackmer has taken out papers to return to hers on the School Committee.Other incumbents seeking re-election include Charles Osborne Jr., Recreation and Park Commission, Richard Whitehill, Housing Authority and Rose Ann Wheeler McCarthy, Cemetery Commission.All five selectmen and all five members of the Recreation and Park Commission serve one-year terms and run for re-election each year.The selectmen include Harry Christensen, Judith Jacobi, Belf-Becker, James Nye and William Woodfin II. Rec and Park members include Linda Rice Collins, Sam Ganglani, Derek Norcross, Osborne and David Rodgers.Town Moderator Gary Speiss also serves one-year terms and is up for re-election this year.On the School Committee Rob Dana is also up for re-election this year. So are David Becker of the Board of Health, Thomas Carroll and Bradford Freeman of the Water and Sewer Commission, Kurt James, Edward Nilsson and Philip Helms of the Planning Board, Charles Phillips of the Municipal Light Commission, Robin Michaud and Jean Howe of the Trustees of the Abbot Public Library, John Kelley of the Board of Assessors, Whitehill and McCarthy.

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