Nahant issues cease and desist order to former selectman candidate

NAHANT – The town has sent a cease and desist order to a resident who is using the town seal on his own personal Web site.Robert Scanlon’s Web site uses the official Nahant town seal and as the domain name.Scanlon, who was going to run against incumbent Richard Lombard for selectman, was using the Internet site for his campaign. Even though Scanlon has withdrawn from the race, he said he intends to keep the site up and running.Scanlon said he would continue to use the site as a forum where residents could voice their opinions and concerns. The site has an area for comments, which is peppered with profanity and innuendos about town employees.Town Counsel Charles Riley said town officials are concerned use of the town seal could mislead residents into believing the town sanctions the site.Riley cited Massachusetts General Law Chap. 268 Sec. 35, which states unauthorized use of a town seal is classified as a crime “against public justice” and is subject to a fine of up to $50.Riley sent a cease and desist order on Wednesday telling Scanlon to refrain from using the town seal on his Web site.Scanlon defended his site and the domain name.”I bought that domain name in 1995,” he said. “The town had the opportunity to buy it and didn’t. I’m not taking it down. I don’t edit the comments on the site. It’s a forum for residents.”Nahant Town Administrator Mark Cullinan said he doesn’t have an issue with Scanlon using the domain name but unauthorized use of the town seal is unacceptable.

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