Shop Talk: Bridgewell names new board officers

LYNNFIELD ? Bridgewell, a non-profit organization that provides services throughout the North Shore and Merrimack Valley, has named five new members to its board.Gordon Massey, a vice president at Salem Five bank and a resident of Gloucester, was elected board president. Carla Saccone, vice president for programs at the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (MSPCC) and a resident of Melrose, will serve as board vice president.Michael Connelly, administrative director of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Faulkner Hospital (BWF) Department of Psychiatry and also a Melrose resident, will serve his third term as board treasurer. Catherine Flood, an attorney at Flood & Hartigan in Lowell, and a resident of Lowell, will serve as the board’s clerk and secretary.Arthur Clifford, 2007 board president, will continue his service for another calendar year. Clifford is chairman and chief executive officer of TriStar Telecom, Inc., and is a resident of Lynnfield.Bridgewell, formerly the Greater Lynn Mental Health and Retardation Association, also announced the appointment of five new board members who began their terms in 2008.Ann Cohen is a retired teacher and Marblehead resident. Angelika Fretzen is senior director of chemical and pharmaceutical development at Microbia, Inc. and a resident of Somerville. Jane Puffer is president of Dreamaker Consulting Group and a resident of Acton. David Turcotte is senior program manager and an adjunct professor at the University of Massachusetts’ Lowell Center for Family, Work and Community. He lives in Lowell. Maggie Wells is vice president of business development and marketing at TrustPlus, and a resident of Brookline.Bridgewell is dedicated to supporting and helping individuals with disabilities to direct their own lives, achieve personal and professional success and remain active participants in society. The organization provides residential and day services, affordable housing and homeless services, clinical services, children’s and recreational services as well as employment training and educational services.Lynnway businesses plan strategy meetingLynnBusinesses located on the Lynnway are planning a strategy meeting on Thursday, Jan. 31, at the Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce, 100 Oxford St., from 7:30-9 p.m.The meeting follows in the wake of a similar gathering of Wyoma Square business owners on Jan. 24 at the Equitable Co-Operative Bank, 400 Broadway.JoAnn Power, communications director for the Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce, said the meetings are to foster an exchange of ideas.”For the next two months, the Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce will conduct weekly member focus groups throughout Lynn, Swampscott and Lynnfield,” said Power, noting that LACC President John Olson and LACC Executive Director Leslie Gould “want to hear what’s on the minds of the members, so we can deliver the highest quality service, programs and initiatives.”Members who cannot attend their “neighborhood” meeting are encouraged to attend any of the other scheduled events, Power said.The meetings are free. Coffee is provided and the agenda business does not go beyond 9 a.m. Anyone interested in attending should call the chamber at (781) 592-2900 or email Gould at [email protected] .Eastern Bank gives grant to Marian CourtSwampscottMarian Court College at 35 Little’s Point Road has received an $18,000 grant from the Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation to fund Bridges to the Future, a program developed by the college to assist economically-disadvantaged high school seniors.The program enables them to take a college course as part of their high school curriculum.Made possible by a grant provided by the bank, area high school students will have the chance to enroll in a technology foundations course taught on campus by Marian Court faculty. The program exposes high school seniors to a college atmosphere and curriculum and encourages them to consider pursuing a college education. Each student who

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