Cell phone thieves arrested

LYNN – Two cell phone bandits are under arrest after threatening and robbing a series of victims late Thursday evening.Kanneil Gude, 17, of 148 Seaver St., Dorchester, was arrested and charged with armed robbery, knife, unarmed robbery, and supplying police with a false name shortly after 1 a.m. Friday.Gude was arraigned Friday at Lynn District Court and is scheduled for a probable cause hearing on Feb. 5.A 16-year-old male, 395 Talbot Ave., Boston, was also arrested and charged with violation of a city knife ordinance, one count of armed robbery and one count of unarmed robbery.According to police, Gude and the minor allegedly went on a robbery spree late Thursday, in which they stole cellular phones from two separate victims.Around 8 p.m. Thursday, police responded to a call of a robbery on Joyce Street and spoke to a victim who said he was walking by Walgreens on Union Street when he sensed that two people were following him.As he turned around, the victim said he saw two black males both roughly six feet tall, wearing hooded sweatshirts that were yelling at him to turn around. As the males moved closer to the victim, he said the suspects reached into his pockets and removed his cellular phone and fled on foot in an unknown direction.Around the same time, a second victim arrived at the Lynn Police station to report that two black males had robbed him of his cellular phone while he was walking down Green Street.The victim said that one of the suspects had a knife and that the other suspect yelled, “Give us the phone or my friend who has a knife will hurt you.”Handing over the cellular phone, the victim said he quickly walked away and managed to observe the two suspects getting into a dark colored motor vehicle. The victim supplied police with the license plate number on the vehicle and a description of the suspects.A short time later, officers on patrol located the vehicle on Green Street and saw two males that fit the description provided by the victims.Officers approached the suspects and performed a pat frisk where they discovered a six-inch black handled steak knife in the left front pant pocket of the 16-year-old minor.At the time, Gude refused to supply police with his name or the name of a relative for police to contact, refused to be booked and was very uncooperative.When asked where the stolen cellular phones were, the minor told police that he and Gude had thrown them onto the railroad tracks near Green Street.

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