Lynn woman sues prison supervisor over STD

SALEM – A Lynn woman who was serving a prison term at Framingham State Prison last year and contracted a sexually transmitted disease from one of the supervisors, filed a lawsuit seeking an undetermined amount of damages.Rachelle A. Brewster, 22, whose last known address is 35 Pacific St., Lynn, filed the court action in Superior Court naming Mark E. Packard, a maintenance supervisor at the prison who lives in Milford, along with the Commissioner of Corrections Harold Clock and Superintendent of MCI Framingham, Lynn Bissonette, negligently responsible for the injury.Last year while Brewster was an inmate at the prison, serving an 18-month term for armed robbery, she says she engaged in unprotected sex with Packard twice and that he transmitted a pelvic inflammatory disease to her.As a result of the infection, the complaint states Brewster has undergone extensive medical treatment, including shots, and endured nausea and vomiting.Brewster maintains Packard is the only individual with whom she had sex with while an inmate.The suit states she has been advised the condition could produce scarring which may result in her inability to conceive children.Packard is accused of bragging to his co-workers about his sexual exploits with Brewster, which were reported to the administration and he was terminated from his position.Brewster says she has suffered – and continues – to suffer injuries and significant emotional harm including nightmares and depression as a result of Packard.Attorney Alan D. Chipman of Lynn, who filed the complaint in Brewster?s behalf, seeks an undetermined amount of monetary damages for the negligence, careless, grossly negligent conduct and the intentional infliction of emotional distress Brewster endured.Chipman also accuses Clock and Bissonette of failing to properly select, monitor, train and supervise Packard, which resulted in cruel and unusual punishment to Brewster.A trial before a jury is requested from the court.

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