Peabody/Lynnfield YMCA starting up new extended day youth program

PEABODY-The process for recommending students for the new “Y It Matters” extended day program at the Peabody/Lynnfield YMCA has begun.Up to 20 students will be selected based on teacher and guidance recommendations, as well as parental permission, to participate in the free after school program created in part by the Peabody Youth Foundation.The purpose of the program is to provide a balanced education for students in grades 3-5 who need a little extra help. The curriculum will incorporate physical fitness, homework assistance, mentoring, health, diet, arts and crafts, and substance awareness.As similar programs already exist at the YMCA, what makes this particularly special is that the 20 students selected will be able to attend at no cost. Each student will be able to go free of charge, as well as receive free transportation directly from his or her school. They will also be granted full access to all other programs offered at the YMCA.For now, “Y It Matters” will target children from the Welch, Brown, South, Carroll, and Center schools who otherwise would not be able to afford such programs and/or have adequate transportation to the Lynnfield Street location.?It?s a wonderful program,” said Superintendent Milton Burnett. “It shows excellent participation and a step forward by a community group.”Burnett said that there have been several students interested in the program, and he imagines that slots will fill up quickly.The program is set to launch on Monday, Jan. 21 immediately following school from 2:45-5:30 p.m.

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