Veterans Memorial High School Web Site gets much needed facelift

PEABODY – In addition to the many renovations taking place on campus, Peabody Veterans Memorial High School’s Web site got a quick and much needed facelift last week. Some might not even recognize the new site with white wallpaper, a current photo of the school’s main entrance, and links that actually lead to other pages.The original site was barely functional. The links didn’t work, the information available was limited, and the overall appearance was outdated and not exactly suitable for the up and coming high school.”It’s still a work in progress,” said Principal Ed Sapienza, who has taken a leadership role in the site’s making. “It’s a footprint in the right direction we want to go in.”Sapienza chose to use Adobe’s Dreamweaver, the leading web page design program, to make the site user friendly.He hopes to create links specifically for students, parents, and teachers. The new site would include links to scholarship information, school events, club updates, and homework assignments. On the principal’s page, Sapienza would like to host community links, helpful tips on the college process, and important facts about plagiarism.”We’re trying to push this as far as we can,” Sapienza said. “The idea was to have some student input, but that got lost along the way. We want to bring that back.”School Committee member Dave McGeney suggested using student labor in the actual design process to help move it along, as developing a Web site is a lengthy process. Others on the committee echoed McGeney’s proposal, and Sapienza said he’d talk with teachers running the web design course to work something out.”I’m excited,” said Sapienza. “This is my forte.”To check out the status of the school’s new site, log on to

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