Unclaimed Revere prize is a cautionary tale to Lottery players

REVERE – Some lucky Lottery player won $250,000 on a Mega Million ticket purchased at Ankor Watt Market. That’s the good news. The bad news is the ticket expired on Jan. 10 – one year after it was purchased.Lottery players on average every year leave $12 million in uncollected winnings on the table, as it were, or in coat pockets, glove compartments or gutters.Lottery spokesman Dan Rosenfeld said 99.9 percent of the prize money from winning tickets is claimed. The lost millions are mostly the product of “people being slightly forgetful.”The unclaimed money is returned to the state treasury. Rosenfeld urged Lottery players to double check their numbers and compare them to published or televised winning numbers. They also should make sure they are aware of the number combinations required to win a prize on a particular ticket.

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