Lynn mother nailed for child abuse

LYNN – A single mother from Hollingsworth Street was arrested Wednesday for severely abusing her 10-month-old son, police said.Sabrina Stanley, 19, of 82 Hollingsworth St. #3, Lynn, was arrested on a single charge of wantonly permitting substantial bodily injury to a child.Police were informed of the baby’s injuries Nov. 8 when doctors at North Shore Children’s Hospital reported possible abuse after Stanley brought her son to the hospital saying there was a problem with the baby’s left arm, police said.However, when doctors took X-rays, the scans revealed the baby actually had nine fractures on both arms and both legs.The child is now in the custody of the Department of Social Services.In a police interview that was transcribed in court records, Dr. Alice Newton of Mass. General Hospital, where the baby was later transported, said some of the fractures occurred between seven and 10 days before the child was admitted to the hospital, and some of the other fractures occurred later than that.Doctors specifically identified three fractures to the child’s left arm (one of which required surgery), two fractures to the right arm, two fractures to the left leg and two fractures to the right leg.The child has “clearly been traumatized,” Newton said.Doctors don’t think the injuries were caused from being shaken, but rather being handled in a violent manner.The baby did not test positive for a brittle bone disease and there was no indication of head trauma, Newton added.After being admitted to the hospital, the baby would not eat for several days, Newton said. Doctors believe he refused to eat because he was either in a massive amount of pain or emotionally distressed, since they ruled out trauma to his liver or abdomen.Stanley, who was ordered Thursday by Lynn District Court Judge Ellen Flatley held on $1,000 cash bail, lives at the Hollingsworth Street apartment with her sister, mother and her mother’s boyfriend.In an initial interview with police, Stanley said she took care of her son “95 percent of the time” and “would never hurt her son,” according to court documents.But police said Stanley had no explanation as to why her baby was severely injured and pointed the blame to the baby’s father who she claimed rarely cared for the child.On the day the child was admitted to the hospital, Stanley called the baby’s father, Ruben Holguin Jr., 20, of Henry Avenue, Lynn, around 10 a.m. saying the baby was not standing up, police said. Holguin told Stanley to bring the child to his home immediately, but she did not come over until nearly six hours later, according to police.When Stanley and the child finally got there, Stanley left the home and went to the store, police said. Holguin reportedly told police he noticed nothing seemed wrong with the baby’s leg, but realized the child could not lift up his left arm.He immediately phoned Stanley and told her to come back to his house, police said.The baby wasn’t admitted to the hospital until nearly 10:30 p.m.”They’re not fractures you get from, you know, an inexperienced parent who’s just rough with the child,” said Dr. Newton in a tape-recorded interview with police. “These are fractures that suggest intentional abuse because of their nature.”She added that the baby was in an immense amount of physical pain while undergoing treatment at MGH.”It was very difficult to handle him, to hold him, because he was very, very upset when we moved his legs,” Newton said. “This child was clearly in pain.”Newton added that the child feared adults at the hospital.”He will not allow people to put him down. He needs to be held all the time,” Newton said. “He’s very serious, which is not typical for a 10-month old. And he watches every move you make, as if he’s expecting something to happen.”Stanley turned herself into police Wednesday after a warrant was issued for her arrest. Holguin was not charged with any wrongdoing.Judge Flatley ordered Stanley back to court Jan. 10 for a pre-trial hearing and to stay away f

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