GE fund to donate to Vision Coalition

LYNN – The General Electric Employees Good Neighbor Fund has selected the Vision Coalition, a nonprofit eye treatment and diagnosis organization, as one of several charities that will receive donations on the fund’s annual appreciation day.General Electric employees have participated in the fund for over 50 years, donating a portion of each paycheck to a pool, which is eventually forwarded to various charities and non-profit organizations in the community.Best known for conducting vision tests on school children in the city, in 2006, the Vision Coalition screened 373 Lynn kindergarteners; referred 74 for follow-up care and 27 of the kids have received glasses. This year, the organization is halfway through its work and has screened roughly 540 kids.”We are truly thankful to the GE Good Neighbor Fund for its incredible act of kindness during the holiday season,” said Alan Craigg, executive director of the Vision Coalition.Craigg leads the Vision Coalition, which he started after losing most of the vision in his right eye when he was struck in the face with a hockey stick while playing at Yale University. The coalition is made up of Craigg, President Gary Trierweiler, and 14 other board members. The group is motivated by the knowledge that “children and adults will get better grades in school, be more productive members of society and lead happier lives by enjoying the best vision that they can.”As the charitable giving arm of GE Lynn employees, the GEEGNF is set up so that employees “give once, for all,” contributing continuously throughout the year via payroll deduction, and empowering the elected board to make allocations that will truly make an impact, according to a press release.”Unfortunately, we have recently seen a significant reduction in both state and federal allocations to nonprofits and increased competition for private foundation grants,” said GEEGNF Secretary Frank Palladino. “This year more than ever, we are encouraging our employees to contribute to important causes such as the Vision Coalition.”GE Lynn is holding GE Employees Appreciation Day in hopes of generating new members and to celebrate its employee’s spirit of giving and caring. The event will take place throughout the workday today from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Building 96 Auditorium in the GE Lynn plant at 1000 Western Ave.

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