Lynn English kids donate 61 turkeys to charity

LYNN – The freezer at My Brother’s Table is overflowing this holiday season due to the generosity of so many in the community, and the turkey count grew even more Monday as volunteers from Lynn English High School dropped off 61 of the doomed birds to hungry residents.Seniors Libby LeBlanc, Byron Brown, Aimee Hall and Angelica Arriaza, along with class treasurer Jasmine Morillo and friend and driver Chris Powers were able to raise nearly $450 from English students, enough to purchase 61 turkeys from Market Basket in Salem.The students are members of the Jobs for Bay State Graduates group, and said they take up donations from the students at lunchtime and study periods every year. But the generosity of students was even more apparent this year, as they were able to raise more money than ever before.”We raised a lot more than in past years, usually people just say ‘I don’t need to do that,’ but this year we hustled more,” said Arriaza.My Bro-ther’s Table collects hundreds of turkeys and can-ned donations every holiday season, and serves as a holding area for other shelters that do not have as much freezer space. This week, families in need will begin filtering in to pick up the turkeys that are stacked to the ceiling in the freezer.Executive Director Ilia Stacy says she is always taken back by the donors who surface each year, but having students step up is even more special.”It is touching how people come in here, and they may not have a lot of money to give, but they have something tangible that can help someone else,” she said. “It is particularly nice when it is a group of students, because they could certainly find something else to amuse themselves with.”Students packed the 61 turkeys into two cars, and participated in the project every step of the way. They carried the hefty boxes up to the platform and helped the staff at My Brother’s Table unload the birds.”It is fun actually doing something that you know is going to help someone else,” said LeBlanc.Arriaza added that the efforts she put forth Monday would help her enjoy the holiday season even more.”This is good because now I know that it isn’t just me enjoying turkey this year,” she said. “Somebody else that is less fortunate can enjoy turkey too.”Jobs for Bay State Graduates participates in volunteer efforts throughout the year, from money-raising activities to traveling to elementary schools dressed as Santa Claus, handing out gifts.My Brother’s Table also enjoys volunteer efforts and donations from many across the community, including other schools who offer help in the form of can drives and monetary fundraisers.

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