No-call phone registry to expire

If you don’t want telemarketers ringing your cell phone and pestering you, then it’s time to register your number on the national Do Not Call list.Millions of cell phone owners will find their numbers being dropped from the list when it expires in 2008. To ensure your number remains registered, you must call the Federal Trade Commission, which oversees the list.The process to re-register your cell phone or home phone number for another five years is simple. Using the phone whose number you want blocked, simply call toll-free (888) 382-1222 or go online to The process takes about one minute.The Do Not Call registry was created in June 2003. Millions of people registered their home and cell phone numbers, hoping for relief from relentless telemarketers who frequently called during the dinner hour or just after the infants fell asleep for the night. However, those phone numbers will start dropping off the list and be without any government protection in June 2008 when the five-year registry expires.Re-register your number now can avoid that situation. Not doing so means telemarketers may start calling you, perhaps at the most inconvenient times, and each incoming call will be added to your bill.

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