Ex-Marblehead school boss’ case delayed three weeks

LYNN – Thomas Commeret, the former head of school at the Marblehead Community Charter Public School, didn’t get the speedy trial date he wanted Monday in Lynn District Court.But Commeret, who is charged with felony assault and battery on a 14-year-old Grade 8 female student April 11, did get a show of support from some school parents and his new lawyer.The case was continued to Monday, Oct. 22, for motions and a trial is expected to be scheduled at that time.The legal maneuvers took an hour. As he left the courtroom Boston Attorney J. W. Carney Jr., described in a recent Boston Magazine survey as one of the five best criminal defense lawyers in the state, said, “We’re extremely frustrated by the delay in the trial. A motion for a speedy trial was allowed previously and we were hopeful the trial would occur today.”Instead, the prosecutor contacted Carney last week to inform him that the prosecution wanted to provide him with additional witness statements in the case, generating a further delay.”These allegations are every teacher’s worst nightmare,” Carney said. “He (Commeret) wants to have his day in court as soon as he possibly can. We are confident he will be acquitted.”MCCPS parent Joanne Osborne was one of four Commeret supporters who were in court Monday, along with Commeret’s sister.The incident was investigated in May. After considering a charge of misdemeanor assault and battery, Police Lt. Mark Mills charged Commeret with a felony, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon – a door Commeret allegedly pushed the girl into.At his arraignment, Commeret’s previous lawyer said Mills was pressured by people who opposed Commeret’s conduct as head of school and pointed out that the victim told two other versions of the story before naming Commeret.Commeret is currently on paid administrative leave. The MCCPS Board has appointed two people to run the school and has been told to seek a new permanent head of school.

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