Marblehead school enrollment higher than expected

MARBLEHEAD – School enrollment this year is 3,250, 76 more students than predicted in May. The Marblehead Village School has 702 students this fall, 78 more than in May.Among the 78 are 57 new students, including 31 from the Marblehead Community Charter Public School. Nineteen newcomers are in Grade 4, 17 are in Grade 5 and 21 are in Grade 6.Charter School transfers made up 17 of the 21 in Grade 6, 10 of the 17 in Grade 5 and four of the 19 in Grade 4. There are now 20 classes at the Village School with more than 22 students: six in Grade 4, two in Grade 5 and 12 in Grade 6.At the Marblehead Veterans Middle School enrollment was lower than last year, 462 as opposed to last May?s enrollment of 480. There were 1,009 students enrolled at Marblehead High, 18 higher than in May.Elementary school enrollments tended to cancel each other out. The Bell School had 365 students, two higher than last year; the Coffin School had 173, six higher than last year; the Gerry School had 155, 11 lower than last year; the Glover School had 252, six lower than last year.

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