Search of high school yields no weapons

MARBLEHEAD – A massive search of Marblehead High Tuesday by state, federal and local police with K-9 assistance failed to turn up any weapons or any more ammunition.Detective Sgt. John Lunt said he coordinated the search in conjunction with Acting Police Chief Robert Coyne, Interim Superintendent of Schools Philip Devaux and Marblehead High John Ziergiebel.The search began at 7 a.m.”We searched every floor, every room,” he said. “We did not turn up any weapons or ammunition. The building is clean. The school is safe.””We set this up last Wednesday afternoon,” Lunt said, referring to the meeting between police and school officials after a bullet was discovered in a rear stairwell at the high school.It took until Tuesday morning to get all the different units together for the search.Lunt said he has received “a hundred phone calls from parents” and public concern seemed to intensify Monday after the first broadcasts about the mass shootings at Virginia Tech, and since the discovery, “We’ve heard all kinds of rumors about guns at the school and stockpiles of ammunition.”Wearing plainclothes, the detective was part of the police presence at the high school Thursday and Friday, when police stood guard at the building and at the entrance to the parking lot.Lunt also said the police investigation is ongoing. Police spoke with numerous persons Thursday and Friday.”We have no suspects,” Lunt said.

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