Eastern Bank secures commercial time slots during Super Bowl

The Daily ItemLYNN – As millions of fans settle before their televisions next Sunday when the Chicago Bears take on the Indianapolis Colts for Super Bowl XLI championship title, Eastern Bank will be there.The Lynn-grown financial institution with headquarters in Boston plans to air four commercials during the mega-sporting event ? all 60-second spots designed to unveil its latest advertising campaign called True Blue.Bank spokesman Joseph Bartolotta said the campaign rollout takes advantage of the Super Bowl’s guaranteed viewership.”It’s probably the one day on which people watch television to actually see the commercials,” he said.One Eastern Bank time slot is pre-kickoff, another during the game and two amid post-game programming. The bank also plans some 30-second commercials later in the True Blue campaign.According to Bartolotta, the True Blue theme dovetails with the bank’s trademark colors and suggests its mission of honesty and loyalty to its customers.”We’ve done TV ads before, almost every year since 1992, but never in a Super Bowl,” he said. “It’s a great way to launch a campaign.”

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