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Oil truck overturns in Saugus

A tow truck works to right an overturned oil truck on Dewey Street in Saugus.


SAUGUS A truck delivering heating oil to a home on Sampson Road overturned Tuesday afternoon, trapping the driver inside and spilling more than 100 gallons of fuel.

The truck rolled onto the driver’s side near the intersection of Sampson Road and Dewey Street around 1:30 p.m. Neighbor Kathy Belschner had just picked up her 1-year-old granddaughter after a nap when she heard the crash. Her husband Robert Belschner and daughter Katelyn Nahabedian quickly ran to the truck’s side to see if the driver was injured.

“(The driver) wanted us to jack the truck up because his legs were pinned,” said Nahabedian. “He kept saying ‘My legs are pinned, my legs are pinned.’”

“My dad called 911 and they said not to move him. He was able to put pressure on his legs once he was out and he walked to the stretcher,” she said.

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Saugus police declined to identify the 46-year-old driver, who was rescued by Saugus firefighters.

Kathy Belschner said she watched as crews removed the truck’s windshield to free the man. He was taken to an area hospital with minor injuries, said Lt. Ronald Giorgetti of the Saugus Police Department.

“I was glad we were home,” Kathy Belschner said. “It’s a quiet street.”

The truck belongs to August Brothers Oil, an East Boston oil company. Crews spent two hours turning it upright. The Saugus Department of Public Works remediated spilled oil.

Once the truck was turned, the Department of Environmental Protection cleaned up the remaining mess. Giorgetti said the cause of the accident is under investigation.

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Downed poles lead to Lynn street closure

Police blocked off Boston St. after a vehicle crashed into a telephone pole, knocking live wires into the road. (Item photo by Jen Meli)

LYNN–Two teenagers were struck on Boston Street and taken by emergency personnel to Salem Hospital with non life-threatening injuries during Friday night’s heavy rains that left power out on Boston Street near Granite Street.

Police Lt. David Brown said the 6:30 p.m. accident at Boston and Laurel streets occurred about a half hour before a car struck a pole at 152 Boston St. Live wires dropped to the ground at that location, prompting police to close down Boston Street from Stetson Street to Washington Street.

The collision caused local power outages with some power restored after 10 p.m.

Fire and police spokesmen said Friday night’s heavy rains – the most severe weather to hit the region in months – coincided with road accidents, including a rollover on the General Edwards Bridge that left no one injured.

Brown said the driver of the vehicle that struck the teenagers told officers the traffic signal was green when the pair stepped into the street.

Lynn was included in a flash flood warning transmitted at 10 p.m.

Movie filming in Downtown Lynn on Thursday, Oct. 13


On Thursday, Oct. 13, Van Wormer Productions will be filming scenes for a movie in the downtown area; specifically in the area around the Lynn Museum and Central Sq.

The filming will require some parking restrictions and Intermittent Traffic Control (ITC) in that area.  (See maps attached)   In order to accommodate this production, the following traffic and parking plan will be implemented:

Date/Time: Thursday, Oct. 13 from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Purpose/Location: Filming at the Lynn Museum/LynnArts parking lot in the morning. Filming a driving scene in the Central Sq. area in the afternoon.

Parking Restrictions: (see map below  –“Van Wormer – Oct. 13” for color coded descriptions)

No Parking Oct. 13th 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Location # 1 & #2   (Red lines on map)

#1  –     423 Union St. – front of Victorious Barber Shop – 1 space

# 2 –     Central Sq. – Even # side from Union St. to #44 Central Sq.

No Parking Oct. 13th 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. Location #3, #4, #5, & #6  (Blue lines on map)

#3 –      Union St. from Washington St. –  adjacent to Lynn Museum building –  5 spaces

#4 –      Washington St. from Union St.  – adjacent to Lynn Museum building – 3 spaces

#5 –      Spring St. from Exchange St. to the driveway next to 33 Spring St.   – 6 spaces

# 6 –     450 Union St. – opposite entrance to garage  –   2 spaces

Traffic Control: Intermittent Traffic Control (ITC) as needed to accommodate filming on Union St. Periods of ITC should not exceed 2 minutes.

Union St. @ Washington St.

Public Notice:   Notice of road closures and parking restrictions will be disseminated through the following means:

  • Flyers delivered to residents and businesses in the downtown area at the direction of the Mayor’s office.
  • Social media dissemination through the Mayor’s office and the Police Department
  • (Late changes and updates will be posted to social media)