Wallet lost, and found

Arlene Zubris was “exuberant” when she learned her wallet was returned.


LYNN — After losing her wallet on Union Street Wednesday, a Lynn woman was shocked that it was returned to her nearly intact later that same evening.

The wallet was returned to Arlene Zubris after the efforts of a Good Samaritan and the Lynn Police Department.

Zubris said she left the Eaton Apothecary around 5:30 p.m., and noticed she was missing her wallet after she went to Dunkin’ Donuts for her first iced coffee of the season. When she realized she was without a form of payment, Zubris said the person behind the counter paid for her coffee.

Zubris tried to review video footage at Eaton Apothecary, and then went to another event, before returning home to try to call the police to see if her wallet had been found. When she was on the phone with the Lynn Police Department, Zubris said she was told a police officer had just walked in the door with the wallet in hand.

“I was shocked that they found it,” Zubris said. “I was pretty exuberant at that moment.”

All that was missing from her wallet was a lottery ticket and two dollars in change. To be safe, Zubris said she canceled all of her credit cards. The wallet also contained several forms of identification, which were still there.

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Lynn Police Lt. Michael Kmiec said the wallet was found by a Good Samaritan around 5:41 p.m. He said two officers were doing an area check of the MBTA garage on Market Street, which is located near Munroe Street and Union Street.

Outside the garage, Kmiec said the officers saw a man bend over and pick up the wallet. The man, who didn’t want to give his information, then handed the wallet over to the officers, Mark Nerich and Joseph Ricupero.

Kmiec said the officers turned the wallet into the front desk at the police station. Coincidentally, that’s when Zubris was calling, and they were going to leave it there for her to pick up, he said.

Zubris said she would like to know who found the wallet, but her reason for sharing her story was to let people know about a positive message, that there are good people in the city.

“There’s a hero in town — somebody very kind and thoughtful,” Zubris said.

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