Wayne Alarm: Fire system up to code?



At Wayne Alarm, we always make sure our customers and clients are fully prepared in case of any emergency. And with warmer weather fast approaching, it is important to make sure your fire system is still reliable, inspected, tested and maintained. A quarterly check on your system can make a huge difference in your safety. So how can homeowners or business owners keep their systems updated? Follow these tips below:

  • Make sure Wayne Alarms fire system is up to date with its detection alarm. Without this feature, the system would fail to notify you if smoke appears or to dispatch the firefighters to save your home and evacuate your family.
  • Check your fire exits to make sure doors easily open and no objects are blocking the exits. It’s also important to ensure that it is properly marked and everyone will have no trouble finding it.
  • Make sure there are no flammable objects or substances in or near the exits. If so, it is best to store them away in the right place to prevent any fire.

On average, there are over 374,000 residential fires and over 2,000 deaths. Don’t let yourself become a statistic. These additional tips could make a huge difference to avoid any fire.

  • Smoking – If you smoke, make sure you do so in areas where it is not prohibited. Or if you smoke, make sure it is only fire-safe cigarettes. Since fires and deaths result from fires that have started in a living/family rooms, or bedrooms, it is better to smoke outside instead. Most importantly, keep lighters, matches and cigarettes out of reach of children.
  • Electrical – When using electrical kitchen appliances make sure they are put into a receptacle outlet one at a time, as the outlet can dangerously heat up.

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Wayne Alarm: Fire system up to code?



At Wayne Alarm, we always make sure our customers and clients are fully prepared in case of any emergency. And with warmer weather fast approaching, it is important to make sure your fire system is still reliable, inspected, tested and maintained. A quarterly check on your system can make a huge difference in your safety. So how can homeowners or business owners keep their systems updated? Follow these tips below:

  • Make sure Wayne Alarms fire system is up to date with its detection alarm. Without this feature, the system would fail to notify you if smoke appears or to dispatch the firefighters to save your home and evacuate your family.
  • Check your fire exits to make sure doors easily open and no objects are blocking the exits. It’s also important to ensure that it is properly marked and everyone will have no trouble finding it.
  • Make sure there are no flammable objects or substances in or near the exits. If so, it is best to store them away in the right place to prevent any fire.

On average, there are over 374,000 residential fires and over 2,000 deaths. Don’t let yourself become a statistic. These additional tips could make a huge difference to avoid any fire.

  • Smoking – If you smoke, make sure you do so in areas where it is not prohibited. Or if you smoke, make sure it is only fire-safe cigarettes. Since fires and deaths result from fires that have started in a living/family rooms, or bedrooms, it is better to smoke outside instead. Most importantly, keep lighters, matches and cigarettes out of reach of children.
  • Electrical – When using electrical kitchen appliances make sure they are put into a receptacle outlet one at a time, as the outlet can dangerously heat up.

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Wayne Alarm: Be safe in your apartment



Apartment fire are much more common than we all might like to think, which is a little frightening to think about. Whether your residence is a single-family home or an apartment, it’s important to take the calm and proper steps that can save your life. The majority of fire are results of kitchen/cooking, heating equipments such as space heaters, and even arson which includes children at times playing with fire.

So you might ask yourself: Well, I live in an apartment. What can I do if I’m ever in this situation?

Performing a fire inspection and ensuring that everything is up-to-code can make a big difference. Here are some tips to ensure you are prepared and safe in case of any fire emergency:

Make sure all exit and stairwell doors are marked, not locked or blocked by security bars.
It’s very important to know the locations of all exit stairs from your floor level, in case you need to get out in an emergency.
If there are not a number of adequate working smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, contact your landlord.
If ever stuck inside your apartment and you can’t find any exit, try to stuff wet towels or sheets around the door and vents. This helps to keep the smoke out.
Here are some ways to ensure that you stay safe on a daily basis throughout your apartment:

Don’t leave cooking food unattended
Always ensure that your stove or oven is off if you’re not in the room or leaving your apartment. It’s also very, very important to never use your oven as a source to heat your home.
Make sure there’s a three feet distance with household combustibles from heating equipments: space heaters, fireplace, or wood stoves. In addition turn portable heaters off when leaving a room or going to bed.
Replace any worn electrical cords. Use power strips if additional outlets are needed.
If using an electric space heater, use a heavy-duty cord of 14-gauge wire or larger. Otherwise, avoid using one at all cost.
Test smoke alarms at least once a month.
Unless specified, don’t use electric space heaters in damp, wet areas.
It’s very important to always be aware of using the right kind of fuel, specified by the manufacturer, for fuel burning space heaters.

In case you ever do find yourself in a fire:

Always check doors before opening them. If the door feels cool, open it slowly and stay low to the ground and leave the building as soon as possible. If the door is warm, use wet towels or beddings to seal the door and vets. Proceed to a window, and if there is no smoke outside, signal for help. If you are able to, call 9-1-1 and make them aware that you are trapped in the building.

Don’t ever use an elevator during a fire. Always use the stairs!

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Wayne Alarm: 4 reasons to get Total Connect



There are times when security alarms aren’t enough to secure our homes and our business, and with technologic advances, using video security changes that. It adds extra security by allowing you to see what is happening around your home and motion activated events that can occur in and around your business. Here are four reasons why having a video surveillance is the best monitor to have.

  1. Wayne Alarm has notifications set up that work with video surveillance. If your camera detects a motion activated event, you are then automatically notified with an e-mail of the event or push notification on your mobile device, which allows you to monitor what occurred at a real time and date.
  2. Wayne Alarm Systems uses Honeywell Total Connect Cameras, allows you to stream videos live straight from the Total Connect directly to your phone, tablet or computer giving you an extra layer of protection. The cameras are portable, so changing locations to monitor new areas is easy. With infrared technology, which enhances your ability to see in the dark, records 10 second clips of a motion activates event and then sends it to you to investigate.
  3. With new technology such as SkyBell, we can help prevent break-ins into your business and home. When you’re a SkyBell owner, you receive a ring whenever the doorbell is pressed, or even have it alert you whenever it senses motion such as someone walks up to your front door. This allows you to remotely stream live video from your iPhone or iPad and interact with whoever is at your front door directly via two way communication. With extremely durable functions for weather, it gives you high definition video and full color night vision.
  4. There is strong data that suggest surveillance of employees in small business can boost productivity and profits. Allowing you to stay in control of dishonest claims, maintain the safety in your work environment and allows you as the manager to spend more time in more productive ways.

Having the best security is a top request everyone seeks for their home and business. With Total Connect video, it gives you enhanced security that allows you to stay on top of whatever happens in your environment, and giving you the added layer of protection that you want.


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Wayne Alarm: Danger of carbon monoxide



Home Security ranges from having a burglar system to proper smoke and carbon monoxide systems. Wayne Alarm system wants to make sure that people not only have the correct carbon monoxide alarms set up in their homes but that they are also informed about the dangers that it can create.

Once carbon monoxide (CO) is breathed in, it actually replaces the oxygen in your blood, killing cells and starving vital organs. One of the biggest problems with CO is that it has no taste, smell and as humans our bodily senses cannot detect it. Without sufficient CO detectors installed in your home, you place you and your family in very serious danger.

CO gets produced whenever a material in your home starts to burn. Particularly homes that have fuel-burning appliances or attached garages are apt to have more CO issues. Some of the more frequent sources in which CO gets produced in our homes is from:

  • Furnaces/boilers
  • Ovens/gas stoves
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Fireplaces
  • Clothes dryers
  • And much more

It is estimated that around 500 people each year in the U.S. die from unintended CO exposure. The good news comes from the fact that carbon monoxide poisoning can be prevented with installing CO alarms in your home and having them professionally monitored by Wayne Alarm Systems.

For more information about Carbon Monoxide systems, please feel free to contact us. We can be reached over the phone at 781-595-0000 or through our online contact form at

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Wayne Alarm: Security tips renters should know



Renters are just as likely to have burglary, a fire, and any other form of danger that any homeowner can experience as well. Renting a home can be an entirely different experience, however, since it all depends on the landlord. There is nothing to worry about, there are still options on securing your apartment!

  1. As most common entrances for burglary are through windows and back doors, it’s important to ensure they are closed at all time. If your door doesn’t have a deadbolt, and your landlord won’t provide one, see if you can install one yourself, or even a chain lock. If a deadbolt is installed, consider asking the landlord to replace it, provide them with a spare key if necessary.
  2. Strike plates, the metal plate on your door frame, are often found old and worn out in rental homes. This means it is not as secure as it once was. Instead, try replacing the screws with longer ones to secure it or replace it with a more secure plate altogether.

When living on the first floor of a building, windows should be your main priority. You want to always make sure all of your windows lock.

  1. Most importantly, however, don’t make it easier for thieves to hide.  Avoid having tall plants or shrubbery near your windows and use a rod on the tracks of a sliding window or sliding a glass door. Since these don’t require much maintenance or work to do in a rental, making it perfect for renters.
  2. Avoid placing your most valuable items near your windows. You don’t necessarily have to hide your valuables, but don’t place big screen TVs and such by the windows as it can intrigue thieves to take it.

Most importantly, make sure you’re aware of your neighbors and get to know them. Not only can they help in case of any emergency, but can also share any privacy concern that they might have. It also helps to keep a line of communication between your landlord and yourself, so you can feel comfortable in bringing any security concerns.

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Lynn offers discounted home composters


LYNN — The city is selling composters at a reduced price to encourage city dwellers to lower  the amount of waste in landfills.

For $25 residents can buy the “Earth Machine,” a home composter. The 80-gallon device retails for $99. So far, more than two dozen have been purchased.

“We are offering these composters to Lynn residents because it will decrease solid waste in the city” said Lisa Nerich, Department of Public Works associate commissioner, in a statement. “More people composting and gardening makes for a better city.”

The city received funding for the project from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

GE volunteers beautify Lynn playgrounds

Instructions for the device call on users to fill the composter with food scraps and yard waste. It should be a three-to-one ratio: three parts dry materials such as paper, leaves and clippings, and one part nitrogen, including fruits, vegetables, and grains. Meat, dairy, or grease should not be added.

Food waste accounts for more than 25 percent of the waste in Massachusetts after recycling, more than one million tons per year, DEP said. By diverting these materials from disposal facilities, it reduces the amount of waste going to landfills and incinerators and conserves natural resources, the agency said.

“Composting is a great way to divert food waste for residents, especially if they garden,” Mary Gatlin of Lynn Community Gardens said in a statement. “The composting process turns organic material, such as food, leaf and yard waste, and waxed cardboard into a rich soil amendment that will improve their garden and lower the carbon footprint of the soil.”

DPW will be offering a training on using the composters on June 17 at a time to be announced. Check the DPW page on the city’s website,, for more information.

Matt Demirs can be reached at

Is the Swampscott rail trail worth it?

A map of the proposed Swampscott rail trail.

YES: Alexis Runstadler, pro-trail abutter and co-chair of Yes for Swampscott Campaign

Love Swampscott — Vote Yes for the Rail Trail.

Courtesy photo


The Swampscott Rail Trail is about community. It is about a 2-mile linear park throughout our town for every neighborhood, every resident.  After 30 years of discussion and debate, now is the time to move this project forward.

Last month, Swampscott Town Meeting overwhelming approved (by a vote of 210 to 56) ($850,000 in) funding for the Rail Trail to move forward with design and engineering of the trail and acquisition of easement rights.  

The Rail Trail is unanimously sponsored by the Selectmen and endorsed by the Finance Committee, Capital Improvement Committee, School Committee, Planning Board, Open Space Committee and Conservation Commission.  However, as is too familiar in Swampscott, a small group of abutters to the National Grid utility corridor want to prevent progress by overturning Town Meeting’s overwhelming vote for the Rail Trail.

A recent letter from these abutters to voters included a lot of inaccurate information. Here are the facts:

The Rail Trail will be solely within the existing National Grid utility corridor, which only National Grid maintains and pays taxes on.

Title examinations on the corridor confirm ownership by National Grid, the Town, and Tedesco Country Club.

No abutter along the corridor has established any ownership to the utility corridor.  The abutters’ own attorney has stated that abutters have completed no title examinations to support a claim of ownership.

The Town is working with National Grid to secure recreational easements using eminent domain – a common way for towns to acquire easements as it cures potential title defects.

Many Massachusetts communities have used eminent domain to create rail trails.

Only property within the utility corridor will be impacted.  No homes will be impacted.

Multiple appraisals establish the value for the recreational easement at not more than $430,000.

Over $175,000 in private donations have already been secured for construction of the trail.  As in other towns, state funding will also be secured to construct the trail.

A lot of good things are happening in Swampscott right now.  Let’s keep it going.  Swampscott deserves the Rail Trail.  Please vote ‘yes’ on Thursday, June 29.

NO: Charles Patsios, Swampscott Town Meeting member and developer

Courtesy photo


He wants the rail trail, but not without knowing what the costs are to the town and what the impacts are to other residents.

No other community in Massachusetts has created a trail like this using eminent domain — (it is) a human rights violation to take property against the will of a homeowner for something that is not a great public need. All others have been able to do the hard work of building community consensus.

Approximately 90 abutters have title to the land.

The $850,000 is just a down payment. The full cost to make this project happen will be north of $4 million.

The average price of a home in Swampscott is almost $500,000. To take land from a home will require that the town pay at least 10 percent of the value of the home. This is compensating the homeowner for the diminished value of their own land, as well as paying them for the actual property. Ten percent is a low estimate. It is the estimate used in class action suits that always result in lower payments than to individuals who fight the taking by themselves. Using 10 percent, that means each homeowner will need to be paid $50,000. With 90 homeowners, that is $4.5 million. Add $850,000 and you are north of $5 million — it will increase taxes and is better used elsewhere.

Our elementary schools are falling apart: At some time, we will need a new school. Swampscott taxes are some of the highest in the state. Taxpayers are not going to keep paying and paying. We need to prioritize and we should not prioritize a trail over a school.

This project is being pushed through by the Board of Selectmen using the same tactics they used on the Machon School, the Greenwood Avenue debacle, and the failed elementary school: marginalize and demonize those that oppose it; tell the public it won’t cost that much (but never discuss the full costs); bring the issue to Town Meeting, but not the town at large; and rig the debate at Town Meeting so that proponents have as much time as they need to make their case.


Wayne Alarm: Questions to ask your landlord



There are often important questions that you should be asking that you could forget about. Develop a checklist and take it with you to ensure that everything is how you want it. Below are some important safety questions that you should be asking before you move in.

Are The Appliances Working Properly?

It is extremely frustrating when you move into a new apartment to just realize that important appliances aren’t working the way they should. When checking out a home or apartment make sure that the burner, refrigerator and water tanks work.

Are Draperies, Blinds Or Curtains Included?

Windows treatments aren’t always included when you move into a new place. Sometimes they are and other times they are not. Be sure to check because you don’t want strangers looking in your home and seeing all your valuables.

Have The Locks Been Updated?

You want to be sure that nobody else has a key to your home. Ask your landlord if the locks have been changed before you move in.

How Are The Surrounding Apartments?

Getting some insight about who your close neighbors will be can make a difference. If you can find this information out, ask about children, pets, activities, what your neighbors do for a living, and more. This is especially the case if you live in an apartment complex as you will be interacting with these people more.

How’s The Lighting?

Ask your landlord about lighting but we also advise you to check out the complex at night. Proper lighting can make a big difference.

Do you have a fire extinguisher?

Make sure that your apartment comes with a fire extinguisher. If it doesn’t have one then consider buying one in the case of an emergency.

Is there currently a security system at your new place? Security systems not only provide safety and security for you and your family, but also saves about 10-15% on your home insurance.  Today they are much more than just security systems. You can control your lights, thermostat, video cameras, and more all thru your Wayne Alarm System. If you don’t have one, call us today at 781-595-0000 or email

Asking simple but extremely important questions such as these can make a big difference. When you are moving into a new place you more than ever want to know that you’re safe.

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Another house hit by gunfire


LYNN Another shooting was confirmed in Lynn on Tuesday night, after two were reported over the holiday weekend.

Police responded to gunshots shortly before 10 p.m., and learned that an Asian male on a bicycle had fired five to six rounds into a house at 25 Park St. Six shell casings were located at the scene, Lynn Police Lt. Michael Kmiec said.

Kmiec said four to five rounds went into the structure of the house, but there were no victims, and nobody appeared to be home.

Witnesses told police the suspect fired at 25 Park St. It’s unclear if he saw somebody or not, but the bullets hit the home, Kmiec said.

No arrests have been made and the incident is under investigation.

Peabody man arrested after police chase

Two shootings, with no victims, were also reported over the holiday weekend.

Police responded to 379 Chestnut St. on Saturday around 4:30 p.m., where at least nine shots were fired, as nine shell casings were recovered.

A 52-year-old witness said he was walking outside when a man pulled out a handgun and fired numerous rounds at a blue vehicle driving past, Kmiec said. No victims were reported but a house on Chestnut Street was hit by multiple bullets.

Shortly before 6 p.m. Monday, police responded to multiple shots fired into a home at 57 Cook St. Three shell casings were found, Kmiec said.

Residents were home at the time, but there were no reported injuries. It’s unclear if someone was firing at the house, or at a person in front of the house, with bullets inadvertently hitting the home, Kmiec said.

Gayla Cawley can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @GaylaCawley


Wayne Alarm: Increase security with fences



Security Alarm Systems are a great way to help protect your home in the event that a burglar is to break into your house. There are a also a wide range of additional improvements that you can do to help make you safer. When targeting specific homes, burglars often look for homes that have plenty of covering such as shrubs and traditional fences. When it comes to fencing, are you as protected as you would like?

If you currently have a fence or are looking to install one, what can you do to improve your home security?

  • Make sure that your fence goes all the way around your yard instead of just being placed down as a decoration.
  • Be sure that your fence has a good locking mechanism so people can’t reach their arms around to open up the door.
  • To ensure that burglars cannot get under your fence, make sure that it’s secured with concrete pillars if possible.
  • To restrict any climbing you can add spear tops, razor wires or any-climb spikes.

Types Of Fencing

Some of the more popular fencing types include wood, chain link, wrought iron, PVC, & much more. Listed below are some of the more popular ones used for home security.

Wood: Being one of the more popular fencing options, wood provides good privacy due to its height and isn’t see through.

Aluminum: This maintenance free options is also a very attractive and popular option. These fences are used barred though which means that people can usually see into your property. But, you’ll still have a great amount of safety & security.

PVC Fencing: This is the most affordable fencing option.  Also, with the material being made out of PVC, you’ll learn that the material is able to handle harsh climates.

When installing a fence, each person may have their own reasons for doing so. From security and privacy to aesthetics, be sure that you weigh what’s important to you. Do further research on materials of fencing and how it will be laid out.

For additional questions on home security and services that can make you safer, please feel free to reach out. Wayne Alarm can be contacted over the phone at (781) 595-0000 or through our online contact form at

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Meeting to consider Saugus school vote

Pictured is a rendering of a possible new school in Saugus.


SAUGUS Town Meeting members will be asked Tuesday to decide whether residents will hit the polls on June 20 to vote on a new middle-high school.

The School Building Committee recently approved a total project budget investment of $186 million, which includes an investment of $160 million for a proposed grades 6-12 combination middle and high school.

The Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) will reimburse the town at a minimum rate of 53 percent which is expected to increase of eligible approved project costs.

In addition, a $25 million district-wide master plan would restructure the district to include an upper elementary school for grades 3-5 at the existing Belmonte Middle School and a lower elementary school for Pre-K through grade 2 at the Veterans Memorial Elementary School. The master plan is a town project and is not being pursued through the MSBA. The town’s share of the total project would be an estimated $118 million, bonded over a 30-year period.

Town Manager Scott Crabtree said the town’s recently earned S&P AA+ bond rating, which is the highest rating in the town’s history, will save taxpayers an estimated $7.2 million in savings over the life of the bond.

A fact sheet provided by Crabtree details the cost to residents with average home value assessments. According to The Warren Group, in March, the median home value in Saugus was $374,950.

At $375,000, the cost would be $76 in 2018, $118 in 2019, and would continue gradually increasing until reaching $541 in 2024. The cost would then begin to gradually decline.

With a home valued at $300,000, a resident would contribute an estimated $61 in 2018, $94 in the second year, and peak at $433 in 2014. If a resident’s home is valued at $150,000, they would pay $30 in the first year and peak at $216 in 2024.

On June 20, voters will need to approve both ballot questions for either initiative to move forward, Crabtree said.

The first question will ask residents to support the middle-high school building. The 270,000-square-foot school will have a 12,000-square-foot gymnasium, 750-seat auditorium, capacity for more than 1,300 students, state-of-the-art science labs, a sports complex, walking paths, and student gardens.

Students lend voices to Memorial Day

The second question will ask residents to support the District-Wide Master Plan Solution, which will provide money to renovate and improve the Belmonte Middle School and Veterans Memorial School to be reused as the town’s only upper and lower elementary schools.

Town Meeting Members will also vote Tuesday on the School Department’s budget. Superintendent Dr. David DeRuosi proposed cuts to the School Committee on Thursday that would make up for a potential $900,000 gap.

The School Committee voted a $29.6 million budget but the Finance Committee is supporting Town Manager Scott Crabtree’s recommendation for $1.6 million less. After making adjustments to the department’s critical needs, DeRuosi said the district would still face a $900,000 shortfall.

To help close the gap, DeRuosi proposed closing the Ballard Early Education Center, which has several curriculum-based preschool classes, about five of which are integrated classes of both regular and special education.

This year the school has 118 children, though some are half-day and part-time students. Moving the program would save the district between $140,000 and $145,000, he said.

He originally suggested relocating the more self-contained classes to Saugus High School and the more inclusive classes to Veterans Memorial Elementary School but parents didn’t agree that a high school setting was the best place for their children.

He recrafted the plan, moving all children to Veterans Memorial instead. The Ballard students would use two classrooms and a first and a third grade class would see an increase in size to 27 and 28 students. He plans to allow parents to opt to send their children to other schools with smaller class sizes and expects the numbers will drop by the start of the school year.

Krista Follis, who has a 4-year-old son at Ballard, said she appreciates the changes DeRuosi has made to the plan but feels very uneasy going into June without knowing where her son will attend school.

A custodian and clerk who work at Ballard will be transfered to fill open positions from retiring employees at Veterans Memorial. The Ballard nurse will move to the high school to fill one of two vacant positions. A second vacant nursing position will not be filled. A kindergarten teacher at Veterans Memorial will be moved to fill an open position at Lynnhurst Elementary School.

“There will be a time that the early education center will not be in a stand alone building, it will be part of a Pre-K to (grade) 2,” said DeRuosi. “We’re making those moves now.”

Bridget Turcotte can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @BridgetTurcotte

Wayne Alarm: Why you should upgrade today



Life changes – a new home, different financial situations, kids – often times prompt questions about our lifestyle and if security systems in our homes are good enough. Taking time to assess your systems and making sure they are still up to date, making sure they are still a good fit for your home, is important in order to have a stress-free life.

Most of the time, in the span of a year, exploitable vulnerabilities are likely to have been discovered. Technology advances so quickly that we never truly notice when it becomes outmoded. Criminals love older technology because they are fully aware of its weaknesses and where the systems are easy to crack through. Many security system owners also don’t realize that it’s more expensive to use landlines solely for the purpose of their security system, or that landlines can easily be disabled by criminals. Technology has improved security systems and, because of every change that it brings, an upgrade becomes necessary. With an advance use in touch compatibility, security systems that provide touch can bring a major boost to your home because it caters to your preferences whether it uses voice control, which allows for a safer use on the system, or even systems that alert you when it needs maintenance. Technology itself has allowed creators to think out of the box and provide home owners with better equipped systems that are more efficient to run and operate, as well as easier to use. For instance, most advanced systems provide access that can correct human errors such as forgetting to put it on, or even having the ability to check it remotely.

Although we never know what could happen, it’s important to be prepared by upgrading. Allowing you to feel comfortable knowing that your home security will do its job properly, the updated security systems can make a difference in your home and with technology advances, it puts your home out of harm’s way.

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Wayne Alarm: August Smart Control Lock



There are moments when we leave in such a rush from our homes and business that we leave without our keys or even forget to lock our doors, only to remember hours later when it could already be too late. With technologic advances, Wayne Alarm provides another easier way to secure your home or business with ease. Here’s why you should call up Wayne Alarm and request the August Smart Control Lock.

The August Smart Control Lock allows you to never feel guilty for not unlocking your door, again. The smart control lock is a deadbolt lock that syncs to your phone wirelessly, allowing you to control anyone who comes in and anytime the doors are locked. With this specific use you are able to grant access to your family and friends, or you can also provide them with temporary access. The system uses different key codes to allow you to see who entered at what time and from where they did. With all these different features, it also sends you notifications straight to your mobile device.

This device works just as great for your small business, too. If employees forget to secure a specific door and you’re not in the office, a quick look at your phone can easily lock your doors for a sense of ease. It also has a cool feature where you can set up a schedule and only choose who is allowed to go in at the time. If someone unknown walks in, you’ll be notified instantly.

Feel free to give us a call at (781) 595-0000 for more information, or fill out our online contact form.


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Wayne Alarm: Security tips kids should know



There are times when we must leave our kids home alone. However, when they are home alone it’s important that they know how  to remain safe, who to call in case of emergency or what to do at any situation. Although 911 is the perfect number your children  should call in an emergency, it’s important to know more. Follow these helpful tips to teach your kids about home security.

  1. Security Alarm Basics – Begin by teaching them how your specific alarm systems works, and how to turn it off. Also teach your child what can trigger the alarms from going off. It’s also important to go over how they can use the alarms to warn neighbors or anyone else in the area if a problem occurs. A cool way to keep your kids safe is to create a family safe code, one that you can only know and they can use if they are ever a stranger comes to the door.
  2. Don’t Open the Door to Strangers – It’s important that young children know to never open the door to anyone else other than mom and dad, unless specified. If your home doorbell rings, and you’re not home, it’s better to let your kids know who they can let into your home when you’re not there. Also remind them to not leave any windows open, making sure all doors are safely locked.
  3. Security Passwords – Teaching your kids to be the only one, besides you, who can know the passwords to the security system or their email and social media accounts. Remind them that giving it out their passwords to others can have serious consequences.
  4. Security Cameras – Remind your children that security cameras are strictly for security purposes and not playtime. For example, they should know what unwanted events they should watch out for. If you have security cameras installed, teaching them the difference is vital to their safety.
  5. Fire Prevention – Teaching fire prevention to your kids can help them when it comes to their safety. They should know the dangers of using  lighters or matches. In addition children should be taught not to use the stove or oven unless you’re at home. It’s also important to go over a fire escape plan that includes dropping to the floor or having a cloth over the mouth to avoid inhalation of smoke. You can also teach them how to use an extinguisher if the child is old enough.

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Wayne Alarm: Utilizing security technology

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There are several advantages of having a modern security set-up in businesses that can and need to be taken advantage of. Protecting your assets shouldn’t be compromised. At Wayne Alarm, we understand that and help protect you and your business.

A city of two tales

Hoana Cortez and Robert Miller stand April 17 at a vigil for the two men shot on Exchange Street.

To paraphrase Dickens, it was the best of times and the worst of times in Lynn this week.

The worst was first. An Easter Sunday shooting in Central Square that left one dead and another hospitalized.

Then came the best. Bookended by a Monday night vigil at the shooting site and Thursday night’s gathering at Zion Baptist Church to show solidarity for Prince Belin and remember the late Leonardo Clement, four unrelated events took place simultaneously Tuesday:

Friends of the late Wendy Meninno Hayes gathered to remember a woman who defined her life with charity and friendship; the city Humans Rights Commission hosted a City Hall forum entitled, “Focus on Asian Americans;” the committee behind the successful April 6 kickoff of “Beyond Walls” met to plan the next steps for a downtown revitalization effort that envisions murals and classic neon signs lighting up the city’s center by July; while experts who make a living out of reimagining cities converged on the Lynn Museum and let their imaginations roam free in the “Visions for Lynn” discussion.

One night in Lynn.

Perhaps the most startling was the Visions discussion. Designers and academics let their minds wander on a long leash and imagined the city’s waterfront becoming a sort of futuristic Venice with canals. They conceived a pedestrian-friendly wastewater treatment plant, the Lynnway Learning Lab — a futuristic high school with rooftop gardens — and a public safety facility doubling as a community gathering place.

Visions and Beyond Walls demonstrate the imagination that is the fuel propelling a new vision for downtown.

Beyond Walls hits $50K goal at fundraiser

All of this might sound like so much idle speculation by academics and hopeful residents — until state Housing and Economic Development Secretary Jay Ash’s perspective is factored into the equation.

Commenting in the Boston Globe’s Sunday Magazine on April 16, Ash called Lynn one of those “gritty blue-collar North Shore communities that are poised to move up a notch or two or three.”

Ash’s comments merit close examination, especially when they are spotlighted against the backdrop of Beyond Walls and Visions.

Lynn could be one of the ‘top spots to live’

The former Chelsea city manager knows what it takes to revive a city. As the state’s top development chief, Ash joined Gov. Charlie Baker, U.S. Rep. Seth Moulton, Mayor Judy Flanagan Kennedy, Lynn’s state delegation and city development officials in creating the LEAD (Lynn Economic Advancement Development) team in November, 2015, to bring federal, state, and local resources to bear on revitalizing Lynn.

His remarks to the Globe are proof positive he feels that commitment is ready to pay off.

By accenting all that is positive about their city, Lynn residents are drawing a map for success and they are narrowing the focus on the city’s problems. Lighting downtown and adorning it with murals and sculpture offers an opportunity to step back and ask, “OK, what needs to get fixed downtown?”

The answer may come in the form of public safety proposals, revamped zoning ideas or other innovations rivaling the ideas offered by the academics who gathered on Tuesday at the Lynn Museum.

During her life, Wendy Hayes helped provide the answer through the selfless charity she showed Lynn residents. A Saugus native with a brilliant smile who died last August, her legacy and memory lives on with friends who knew her as the co-owner with her husband, Rolly, of Rolly’s Tavern on the Square.  

Lynn’s diversity can also provide the answer. More than 10 percent of people who live in the city are of Vietnamese, Khmer and Laotian descent. They built businesses, bought homes and Tuesday’s commission meeting is a first step to giving them the chance to contribute positive ideas.

The great news about positive ideas is that they spur imaginations and generate additional ideas. The energy that filled downtown and the city this week is proof that only imagination defines the realm of possibility for Lynn.

Federal loan paves way for Malden streets

BOSTON – The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Tuesday announced it is approving a $2.4 million loan guarantee to Malden to help the city fix roads damaged by water main replacement work.

After determining 39 percent of its water mains were 100 years old or older, Malden in 2011 began replacing mains. With miles of streets in need of repairs following the pipe work, Malden launched a road reconstruction project and turned to HUD for help.

“This loan guarantee is one of the most successful investment tools that HUD offers to local governments to help strengthen their communities,” said Kristine Foye, HUD New England Deputy Regional Administrator.

HUD’s Section 108 Loan Guarantee Assistance Program enables local governments to borrow money at reduced interest rates to promote economic development, stimulate job growth and improve public facilities.

Lynn has designs on its future

Such public investment is often needed to inspire private contributions; to provide seed money or to simply boost confidence private firms and individuals may need to invest in distressed areas.

In addition to main replacements, the city works with the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority to sample water for lead levels twice annually. Fifteen homes were picked for samples in 2016 and tests found water tested was in excess above a defined “action level.”

According to a statement released by the city and available on its website, testing results exceeding the action level did not mean there is lead in Malden’s water distribution system.

The statement said some homes with lead piping and fixtures can register high levels on test results. The city tests drinking water for free and residents with lead pipes can contact the city Engineering Department at 781-397-7040 to schedule a test for lead or fill out a request online at and select “Water – Lead Service Inspection” as your request category.

Nahant Town Meeting chases ambulances


NAHANT — Among decisions to be made at the April 29 Town Meeting is whether to support Fire Chief Michael Feinberg’s request to adopt an Enterprise Fund to defray the cost of operating an ambulance service.

Passing the article would allow the town to institute an ambulance fee to fund ambulance service in the future, according to a report by the Finance Committee. The panel is not recommending Town Meeting support the article, stating “revenues aside, the benefit to residents of an Ambulance Enterprise Fund is questionable, and there is no urgency to doing it now.”

The document also noted that in 2016, the Fire Department responded to only 18 fires, 360 ambulance runs, and 62 assists to invalids, a pattern that has been consistent for years.

“Last year the town voted to lease an ambulance, which arrived at the end of 2016,” the report states. “Despite that vote, the ambulance was actually purchased via short-term debt at 6 percent interest. In addition, the department’s acquisition of unplanned and unbudgeted assets (i.e. a drone), raises concerns about making additional funding available outside Proposition 2½ protections.”

Richard Lombard, chairman of the Board of Selectmen, said he is opposed to the article because he fears people will worry about whether they can afford ambulance services and might not call 911 when they need help.

At a meeting last month, Selectman Enzo Barile said fees can be waived for residents with a financial hardship. Barile and Selectman Chesley Taylor Jr. supported the article.

Swampscott set to strut its stuff

Town Meeting will also discuss the fate of the Coast Guard Housing. First, they will be presented with a vote to rescind a 2008 Town Meeting decision to sell the land for the construction of condominiums. Then they’ll vote to authorize the selectmen to handle selling the four-acre parcel of land and 12 single-family homes.

But the Finance Committee is recommending a vote to indefinitely postpone the article, stating in the report that the town “should not act in haste.”

“The article as written specifies nothing, and it is fiscally irresponsible to approve it as such.”

The Finance Committee also recommended $175,000 be allocated to make improvements and repairs to the drainage systems at Bear Pond and Ward Road; $106,000 to purchase two new pickup trucks for the Department of Public Works; and $280,000 to maintain, repair, and improve the town’s 11 pumping stations.

Town Meeting members will vote on a total of 41 articles. The meeting begins at 12:30 p.m. at Town Hall.

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Lynn could be one of the ‘top spots to live’


LYNN — It took a while, but The Boston Globe has discovered Lynn’s real estate boomlet.

In a Sunday Magazine feature on Easter, the city was listed in its “Top Spots to Live: 12 Communities with Soaring Home Prices.”

The piece, under a photo of the former Daily Item building, cited data from The Warren Group. It showed the median price for a single-family home in Lynn has swelled by 59 percent since 2011 to $287,000. Condominium prices climbed to $180,00, up 67 percent during the same period.

There’s a quote from “Johnny, ” a potential buyer who said what brings him to Lynn is price, value, affordability and space.

“We’ve broadened from potentially a condo in East Boston,” he told the Globe. “I’d rather drive farther to have a single-family home and have more space and a yard.”

Also quoted is Jay Ash, the state’s Secretary of Housing and Economic Development, who said Lynn is one of those “gritty blue-collar North Shore communities that are poised to move up a notch or two or three.”

He should know. Ash, a Chelsea native who served as its city manager for years, has been credited with revitalizing the city just outside of Boston.

“Snap up a single-family for less than $300,000 and start brushing up on your do-it-yourself skills,” the Globe implores.

Yeah, we know.  

Do Lynn & Revere suffer from a grocery-gap?

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Lowell man accused of swindling homeowners


BOSTON — A real estate broker who authorities say swindled Lynn homeowners has been indicted on additional charges, according to Attorney General Maura Healey.

Kevin Taing, 49, of Lowell, faces jail time in connection with stealing more than $464,000 through a larceny scheme targeting families facing foreclosure.

This is the second time Taing has been charged. Last fall, he was indicted on larceny charges and obtaining a signature by false pretenses that resulted in the theft of more than $165,000 from homeowners in Lynn and Lowell.

Lynn home sales down, prices up

Healey’s office began an investigation into the licensed real estate broker and principal of EFI, in 2014. Authorities allege Taing, who is of Cambodian descent and speaks Khmer, persuaded 11 Cambodian homeowners facing foreclosure to make payments to EFI rather than their mortgage lender.

Law enforcement officials further allege that Taing led these families to believe that by paying EFI they would reduce their monthly payments and keep their homes.

Instead, Taing allegedly used the cash to pay his personal expenses, credit card bills, restaurant and retail expenses.

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Lynn home sales down, prices up


LYNN — Single-family home sales fell in January, but prices soared by more than 19 percent, according to The Warren Group, the Boston-based real estate tracker.

The number of homes sold during the first month of the year fell to 27, down from 40 a year ago. While sales slipped, the median price of a single-family dwelling increased to $295,000, up from $247,500.

Lynn’s condominium sales market also dropped in January. A total of 15 condos sold, down from 18 a year ago, a nearly 17 percent decrease. Despite falling sales, prices rose. The median price of a condo climbed to $185,000, a 12 percent hike from a year ago when the median was $165,000.

High School Sports Schedule

Brokers say a combination of higher prices and few listings drove sales down.

At press time, there were 67 single-family homes for sale in Lynn and 22 condos. Agents say the inventory of available homes has been twice as high in the past.

Thomas Grillo can be reached at

The 6 ‘alternative facts’ of school no-voters


I write as president of the Lynn City Council and for the councilors-at-large. We cannot in good conscience sit by and allow the negative, defamatory statements, distortions and outright lies from the “vote no on two new schools” team go unanswered.  

The negativity and outright venom spewed by the opposition shocks the values that we hold true in our hearts. We are utterly disgusted to read social media posts stating that “those children” from foreign countries who speak with accents do not deserve a quality education.  

The anger and nastiness of this campaign by the “vote no” supporters makes the recent presidential election look like a hug fest.

We as Lynners have a unique opportunity to literally change the lives of more than 100,000 of our children for the next century. It is ironic that the residents of Ward 1 who pay some of the highest property taxes in the city are forced to send their children to a crumbling building that does not meet the educational needs of the 21st century.  

Not so long ago, a former Marblehead state representative told his constituents they should support strong state school funding for Lynn. Swampscott raises captains of industry, he said, who “need very well educated employees.”

As Lynners, we find that statement and such a sentiment to be a slap in the face.  We sincerely hope that no Lynner believes that we should be looked down upon by any other community.  

We are proud to be from Lynn and want nothing but the very best for our families and children.  

We’re not anti-education, ‘no’-voters say

The irony is not lost on us collectively that Swampscott educational leaders have toured the new Thurgood Marshall Middle School and intend to model future construction in their town on this project that was finished on time and under budget. The proposed schools in large part will be modeled after Marshall and the West Lynn site will be almost identical.

“Alternative fact No. 1” put forth by the opposition claims that Lynn can simply go back to the drawing board and select a new site. This is just not true. Lynn has spent almost $1.1 million on architectural drawings, traffic studies, sewer studies and wetland/drinking supply protection studies. There is no more money to funnel into additional studies and plans.  

The plain fact of the matter is that the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) has insisted that one of the schools be located in the East Lynn District. There are no other sites in East Lynn that exist that are financially or environmentally feasible.  

The Magnolia Avenue site is not a viable option. That  land is located in a flood zone. There is an existing Massachusetts Water Resources Authority pipe that runs underneath the playground that supplies water to the citizens from Swampscott and Marblehead.  The site is not large enough to accommodate a 600-plus student facility without taking by eminent domain a portion of the neighboring elderly apartment complex. Such a taking would result in dozens of elderly persons being relocated to new homes.

If the citizens of Lynn reject the two modern state-of-the-art educational facilities, Lynn will go to the end of the line and be forced to submit a new application. Exploding enrollment projects show that by 2021, Lynn will have either double sessions or classrooms with 50 children.  In all likelihood, Lynn would not get back to the front of the line at the MSBA until 2019 or 2020.  

This ensures double sessions or students crammed into classrooms like sardines. But even this ignores the fact that there are no other viable sites in East Lynn. Therefore, it makes no sense to re-apply. Lynn will just dump good money after bad fixing up a Pickering Middle School that can never be adequately rebuilt for today’s middle school educational needs.

Current system not sustainable, Latham says

“Alternative Fact No. 2” as put forth by the opposition states Lynn will be taking multiple homes at the reservoir site. This is just not true. Lynn heard the voices of the opposition and redrew the plans so that only one home will be taken by eminent domain.  

The wonderful woman who was the subject of news coverage several months ago will not lose her home. The younger woman who would be required to relocate has and will continue to be offered every reasonable accommodation. The Lynn City Council has gone on record supporting the idea of moving her home several hundred yards down the road so that she can remain in the home she built.

Opponents ignore the fact that two homes were taken by eminent domain in order to construct Thurgood Marshall. Those relocated for Marshall were residents of Ward 3 and we know for a fact that they were extremely satisfied with the efforts Lynn undertook to relocate them to a new home of their choosing.  

“Alternative fact No. 3” put forth by the opposition states that the cost of the school project will be $5,000 per taxpayer. This figure will be spread out over 25 years. In return, Lynners will see their property values soar. Think about it: Residents with children looking to buy property will not want to buy in Lynn if our schools are an embarrassment. We urge Lynners to take a tour of the existing Pickering.

Quite simply, the physical condition of Pickering is an embarrassment.

The more families are satisfied with the conditions of our schools, the greater the demand will be for our own homes. Our greatest assets are our homes. With the construction of two new schools, our homes will go up in value considerably.  By approving these two new schools, we have just increased our own net worth by tens of thousands of dollars almost immediately.  

“Alternative fact No. 4” put forth by the opposition states that the property is part of Lynn Woods. This outright fabrication can simply be rebutted by the fact that the Friends of Lynn Woods have publicly said that the land is not part of the Lynn Woods Reservation.

“Alternative fact No. 5” put forth by the opposition states that the land is cemetery land. The deeds for the subject land clearly state that the City of Lynn owns this land with no restrictions. An attorney for the “vote no” group has conceded at a public hearing before the Lynn City Council that the deeds on file at the Registry of Deeds contain no restrictions requiring this land to be used for cemetery purposes.

Conversely, the Lynn City Council is on record as supporting the sale of 32 acres to the Pine Grove Cemetery and said deed will state the land will be used solely for cemetery purposes.  Because there exists no deed restrictions or conditions on file at the Registry of Deeds, the Lynn City Council would be free to sell this land to a developer to construct hundreds of new homes.

The Lynn City Council did not seek such a solution. Rather, it unanimously voted to commence the process to transfer this land to the Pine Grove Cemetery Commission at no cost.

“Alternative fact No. 6” put forth by the opposition states that the selection of these sites was done behind closed doors with no public input. All meetings of the Pickering Site Committee have been open to the public.  Three public forums were held where our community could speak up on the proposed sites.

Members of the Lynn City Council have personally met and spoke with the leader of the opposition on almost a dozen occasions. Our city council colleagues have attempted to address or mitigate each and every one of their stated concerns.  

Now is the time for us as a community to step up.  The negativity and anger is unacceptable. We are supporting the two new schools because our only interest is the children of Lynn.  

Our fellow Lynners: Let’s vote yes on two new schools so that our children will have the necessary tools to be captains of industry for generations to come.  

Editor’s note: City Council President Darren P. Cyr wrote this editorial and signed it with fellow councilors Buzzy Barton, Council Vice President, and Councilors-at-large Daniel F. Cahill, Brian P. LaPierre and Hong L. Net.


Still no developments in Bellevue Heights story


SAUGUS More than 17 years after the Bellevue Heights subdivision was supposed to be completed, officials are out of patience with developer John Mallon.

Chairman of the Planning Board Peter Rossetti said a conference call with Town Manager Scott Crabtree and Town Counsel John Vasapolli is scheduled for March 16 prior to the next scheduled Planning Board meeting. Mallon is to outline his timeline, which should include a June 30 end date, at the meeting.

“We will discuss any outstanding issues,” Rossetti said. “He is supposed to tell us his plans for completion, so we’ll wait eagerly for that.”

Conceived as a 28-lot subdivision with panoramic views from single-family homes, Bellevue Heights hit a snag when a retaining wall collapsed in 2008. The timing of the collapse could not have been worse for a private developer with the economy and housing market sinking, said Mallon. Since then, 21 houses have been built and are occupied.

Peabody needs to raise a roof

Last October, Planning Board and Board of Selectmen officials voiced frustrations with Mallon and the never-ending project at a public meeting. As of then, curbing had been installed on both sides of the road, but not repaired on the east side. The sidewalks were not finished and the Jersey Barriers had not been moved to their proper positions.

New signs with the proper spelling of Hitching Hill Road needed to be installed. The road needed to be paved, nine trees were yet to be planted, and a grass strip between the sidewalk and the street needed to be installed

Rossetti said complaints were made about the subdivision’s roads not being treated for snow and ice during the winter storms in the past two weeks. Mallon is responsible for making sure the roads are plowed, sanded and salted.

But Mallon said the barriers were in place more than two years ago and that he is not required to place any additional units. He said the roads were done “just perfectly.”

My subdivision does not have to be any better than any other road in town,” said Mallon. “This is winter time. Ice is part of winter. There’s ice on every road. I look out my door and if the plow hasn’t come out by my door, I don’t go up and plow. If the town isn’t doing me, why should I do them?

“Instead of calling me and saying, ‘Hey Jack, it’s icy,’ they let it be icy and they wait and complain to the Planning Board.”

Mallon is expected to complete the project by the end of June. Should he miss any of the deadlines, a surety bond of $50,000 will be seized to finish the work. Mallon estimates it will cost about $65,000. Last week, he told the Item he is on target to meet that requirement.

Bridget Turcotte can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @BridgetTurcotte.