Wayne Alarm: Tips for a pet-friendly home



Our four-legged fur friends are not just pets, but a part of our families. Their safety is just as important as ours. Whether is making sure they get enough nutrition in their food or ensuring pavements are not too hot or cold to protect their paws, their safety is just as important. Follow along for some pet-friendly protocols to have in your homes for their safety:

  1. The best way to minimize damage is to create a space just for your furry friend. This helps acclimate and dog friendly near their bed can make a difference.
  2. Dogs enjoy hiding and running around and it can sometimes be too dangerous for them. The best way to prevent them from running out unsupervised is with deadbolts on doors, locks on windows and even baby gates on stairs. Cabinet doors should also maintain secure with latches, as it can cause your dog to get trapped in the cabinet.
  3. Get rid of dangerous items that they can reach and bite such as electrical cords by using cords protectors. Safely store detergents and other household cleaners in locked cabinets or high on a shelf. Be aware that trash cans can also be dangerous for their consumption, consider a closed-lid trash can instead. Prevent falls and kitchen fires by not allowing pets in the kitchen when cooking or when stove is on.
  4. Invest in a video surveillance security to keep track of what your dog does at home when you are not around. View live footage of your pets from work or anytime you are away from home, ensuring they are okay and not in any danger.
  5. It is common for pets to accidentally trigger home security motion detectors and cause false alarms. This is dangerous because an emergency personnel may not know if it is a real threat or if a pet triggered the alarm. The best way to prevent this is to ensure your system accommodates animals during the installation stage.

For additional safety information and security system installation, contact Wayne Alarm by calling us at: 781-595-0000 or visiting us online at

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Wayne Alarm: Make your home ‘smart’



The SkyBell: skybellThis revolutionary doorbell eliminates the danger of opening the door to strangers. It’s sleek, metal polished design blends in perfectly next to a door. The SkyBell has an integrated camera, so you can stream the video footage at any time. It will also automatically record motion of if someone rings the bell. The SkyBell is also extremely durable, sustaining any weather between -40 to 140 degrees.

There’s no need to open the door to strangers anymore to find out what they want with the two-way audio feature included! Converse directly to your visitors from the safety of your house. Set your preferences to receive notifications directly on your phone if someone rings it or even if someone walks by. Pairing the SkyBell with the August Smart Lock is a guaranteed way to bring your house into the 21st century.

The August Smart Lock:August Smart Lock Forget about leaving the spare key under the mat, control your locks with the click of a button from anywhere. Grant different levels of access to users depending on your preferences. For example, if you’re going on vacation you can give your dog sitter access for the week, but not after 10 p.m. After the week they will no longer have access.

When approaching the door, depending on your settings, the door can automatically unlock when you’re within a couple feet. The Smart Lock also keeps a log of who unlocks and locks the door. Every key has a digital number associated with the user, so you can see who accessed the locks and at what time. This product is very simple to use and extremely convenient and a must for anyone who is looking towards the future.

Lyric Thermostat:Lyric ThermostatThe Lyric Thermostat changes the way you think about technology. This thermostat is Wi-Fi capable and also features voice control.  This thermostat will also send you notifications about maintenance, and will warn you about extreme weather approaching.

The Lyric Thermostat takes full advantage of its Wi-Fi capability. With the proper integrations from Total Connect, It can see your location and will even change the temperature of your house accordingly. It can warm up your house in the winter and turn the air on for you in the summer when you’re heading home. This will save you money on your AC and heating costs because you won’t have to keep it running while you’re away. The Lyric Thermostat is a revolutionary product and certainly one of a kind.

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Looking at Lynn from a different perspective

Koeun Neak flies his drone.


LYNN — From the ocean shores to the treetops of Lynn Woods Reservation, Koeun Neak captured it all on video with his new drone.

Since it was uploaded to YouTube last week, his pictorial dubbed “DJI Mavic Pro, Lynn, Massachusetts” has been seen by more than 500 viewers.

“Lynn gave my family an opportunity,” he said. “Without the city, we wouldn’t be here today. I wanted to capture Lynn’s beauty since it sometimes has a bad name associated to it.”

Neak, 28, was born in Cambodia and has lived in the city since he was 2 and is a graduate of Classical High School. He said he hopes the video allows outsiders to see the city in a different light.

While this is Neak’s first production to hit the Internet, his talent for taping didn’t develop overnight. In 2013, he graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a degree in video production.

He wants to make money from doing work with his drone and travel to locations such as Bolivia, a place he admires, to capture some of its beauty, he said.

“I want to go to Bolivia because of the landscape,” he said. “I want to capture the countries’ salt flats and the Laguna Colorada, Bolivia’s famous red lake.”

The footage was shot on Neak’s $1,000 DJI Mavic Pro, a two-pound drone equipped with flight autonomy, a stabilized camera, and a 27-minute maximum flight time, according to the company’s website.

Lynn 4th grader wins national art contest

It took Neak about a week to operate the drone. He practiced on Lynn Beach and spent two days filming the different spots before editing the final product.

In order to operate the small aircraft, he purchased a hobby and recreation drone registration for $5, he said. That’s just one of the laws affecting those who want to operate drones.

On Monday, Bay State lawmakers were scheduled to consider a bill to impose limitations on the use of unmanned aerial vehicles.

The proposal seeks to stop governmental use of drones to “track, collect, or maintain information about the political, religious or social views, associations of activities of any individual, group, association, organization, corporation.”

While the measure won’t directly impact Neak’s projects, he said there are precautionary measures that must be taken. To fly in Boston, he said, you must call the FAA control tower for clearance before flying.

In the meantime, Neak is interested in pursuing smaller projects. His goal is capture all of Massachusetts’ landscape for people to enjoy. But it will take a while, he acknowledges.

One thing Neak hopes his video will showcase is a different side of Lynn.

“On social media, people always comment how Lynn is such a bad place,” he said. “I made that video for the people of Lynn, and the haters too.”

Matt Demirs can be reached at

Wayne Alarm: 4 reasons you need ZWSTAT



Your house is at a perfect temperature. You’re enjoying a nice movie under some blankets and comfortably cuddled on the couch. The very last thing any of us wants to do is to get up from our comfy spot just to adjust the temperature, enough to where it’s not overwhelming throughout the night.

However, wouldn’t you enjoy a thermostat that catered to your preferences and can still be controlled through your Total Connect app on your phone or your computer?

Honeywell is known to have the best thermostats in the  industry for a couple of decades. More recently they have switched to devices that are specifically tailored to smart homes. This gives you just the perfect amount of comfort in a safer way. With the newest adaptive intelligent recovery technology, a z-wave enabled thermostat, can reduce your monthly energy bills dramatically. This feature allows you to “learn” how long it takes for the furnace and/or air conditioner to reach its programmed settings, detecting when to reach it at a specific time! The z-wave enabled technology can provide a cost savings at approximately 33% of your annual heating and cooling costs. In the long run, the system basically pays for itself and provides  you with the ultimate temperature comfort.

Features like creating a keypad lockout for homes and businesses — keeping unauthorized personnel from changing the temperature — allow you to keep the comfort in your home or business a little easier. It also includes temperature settings which can be altered depending the temperature in your home or business, and even providing you with an alert reminder to keep up on maintenance. For instance an alert to change air filters and humidifier/dehumidifier filters, which only maximize performance can be handy. ZWSTAT also provides fan circulation – moving air when heating or cooling isn’t required, automatically helping you eliminate hot and cold spots.

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Wayne Alarm: Here’s why Nantucket needs us



Wayne Alarm Systems has provided the best security and sense of comfort to our customers and several local businesses for the past 40 years. While we serve the Greater Boston area with reliable and top quality security, in 2012, Wayne Alarm saw a need for security on the island of Nantucket.

Nantucket is known for their cobblestoned streets lined with high-end boutiques and restaurants, it’s antique cedar shingled buildings, and let’s not forget the beautiful dune backed beaches. However, without proper security, its residents and its beauty can fall to terrible accidents and events we all wish to prevent. Wayne Alarm wants Nantucket to keep its beauty safe, and that’s why Wayne Alarm is here to help.

While keeping you in control, Wayne Alarm will provide you with top security in detecting fire and carbon monoxide for your home. With small mom-and-pop shops all throughout the island, security should be top priority. With Wayne Alarm, burglary and theft prevention security gets so much easier, instantly ensuring the security of your visiting tourist and loyal customers. Our fully installed commercial security systems features the access control systems which includes:

  • Performing a facility or area lockdown from any PC or proximity reader
  • Running a myriad of custom reports when you need to know who accessed what area and when
  • Interface your video security with your card access system

Wayne Alarm can also expertly install your top video surveillance systems that can be accessed and managed for your home or business all through the Total Connect App. This gives  the homeowner complete access and control in lighting, thermostat control, and all your access to locks from anywhere on the island with just the use of your phone, computer or tablet.

With a full-time locally based company, Wayne Alarm Systems is the only UL Listed, FM Approved, 5 Diamond Certified Alarm Monitoring provider in the island. Wayne Alarm will take care of the worry for you and provide you a peace  of mind. All while you enjoy the beauty that Nantucket has to offer.
More information reach us at (508) 825-9200 or fill out our contact form.

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Wayne Alarm: Video can help reduce thefts



In any business, there is always that inevitable problem: theft.

Some data suggest surveillance of employees in small business can boost productivity and profits. Allowing you to stay in control of dishonest claims, maintain the safety in your work environment and allowing you, as the manager, to spend more time in more productive ways. Using video surveillance is an effective method for putting a stop to thieves from stealing your belongings, wares or information. In any event, it can also help alert the police, as well as provide footage, which can help aid in identifying the thieves.

With lots of options you can take to reduce theft, however, having video surveillance saves you time and effort all while helping you decrease theft in your store. With Wayne Alarm video surveillance, you get 24/7 video surveillance specifically for your business.

In specific places, you increase your overall security that can oftentimes be overlooked. Here are some places where placing video surveillance in your store could be beneficial:

  • Front and back doors:  Not only are you able to identify who comes in and out of your business and when they leave, but it also helps when your business is closed. Having a monitored entrance system can detect any suspicious event during off  hours. Specifically your stores back entrance – placing it here can help deter anyone attempting to exit unnoticed. It can also help with any blind spots that might be hard to view, allowing you to be aware of any suspicious event.
  • Installing cameras in areas where your most valuable items or expensive equipment are, can help diminish losses. For example, placing a camera by the cash register can allow them to work more effectively by giving you a view from above, allowing you to directly monitor any exchange of cash, both limiting employee and customer theft.

With video surveillance, you’re also able to ensure to your customers that you care about their safety and well being too. Call us for a free consultation today and speak with a caring representative.

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