Wayne Alarm: Tips for a pet-friendly home



Our four-legged fur friends are not just pets, but a part of our families. Their safety is just as important as ours. Whether is making sure they get enough nutrition in their food or ensuring pavements are not too hot or cold to protect their paws, their safety is just as important. Follow along for some pet-friendly protocols to have in your homes for their safety:

  1. The best way to minimize damage is to create a space just for your furry friend. This helps acclimate and dog friendly near their bed can make a difference.
  2. Dogs enjoy hiding and running around and it can sometimes be too dangerous for them. The best way to prevent them from running out unsupervised is with deadbolts on doors, locks on windows and even baby gates on stairs. Cabinet doors should also maintain secure with latches, as it can cause your dog to get trapped in the cabinet.
  3. Get rid of dangerous items that they can reach and bite such as electrical cords by using cords protectors. Safely store detergents and other household cleaners in locked cabinets or high on a shelf. Be aware that trash cans can also be dangerous for their consumption, consider a closed-lid trash can instead. Prevent falls and kitchen fires by not allowing pets in the kitchen when cooking or when stove is on.
  4. Invest in a video surveillance security to keep track of what your dog does at home when you are not around. View live footage of your pets from work or anytime you are away from home, ensuring they are okay and not in any danger.
  5. It is common for pets to accidentally trigger home security motion detectors and cause false alarms. This is dangerous because an emergency personnel may not know if it is a real threat or if a pet triggered the alarm. The best way to prevent this is to ensure your system accommodates animals during the installation stage.

For additional safety information and security system installation, contact Wayne Alarm by calling us at: 781-595-0000 or visiting us online at www.waynealarm.com.

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Wayne Alarm: Spring security check-ups



Regular maintenance can help increase the life expectancy of your alarm system and insurance coverage, too. It is known that  security providers require monthly or yearly maintenance. However, you can do a self-maintenance as well. Older systems should be checked every three months, whereas newer systems are checked every six months. When doing check-ups, remember to notify your provider that it is just a test, so emergency support aren’t dispatched.

  • Fire and Smoke Detectors – According to The National Fire Alarm Code, smoke detector are required to be inspected annually. To ensure its proper functionality, check it by pressing and holding the button labeled “test.” In doing so, an alarm will sound. Remember to always follow along to the instructions instructed in the manual that can also give you help in keeping it up to date. Another tip is cleaning it with a vacuum cleaner(at least once a year) to remove any particles that couple affect the smoke alarm performance.
  • Video Surveillance –  If using video surveillance is one of your top security strategies, it can definitely use regular maintenance. To ensure a clear picture and uninterrupted feed, clean off the camera lens with a lens wipe and cleaner, and simply dust the camera’s exterior clean. Check daily for correct date and time that is often displayed on the monitor, sometimes brief power outages might require it to be reset.

Checking your system in your business is just as important, too.

  • Checking fire alarms in your businesses is just as important. Have it inspected to check if everything is up to date. If it is not being tested regularly, it could be more susceptible to false alarms.

Regularly checking if your security system is functioning properly can make a huge difference and can be useful in a time of emergency. Don’t hesitate to check on your system today, and reach our customer service for further questions.

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Marblehead police are lifesavers

Officers Adam Mastrangelo, left, and Andrew Clark.


MARBLEHEAD — Two Marblehead police officers were honored with statewide lifesaving awards on Thursday after they were able to save a man in full cardiac arrest earlier this year.

The awards were presented to Officers Andrew Clark and Adam Mastrangelo at Bentley University during a ceremony where 92 police officers from across the state were recognized, Marblehead police said.

Clark and Mastrangelo responded to Abbot Public Library on Jan. 31 shortly before noon on a disturbance call regarding a man yelling on the first floor. While responding, they were told that a person suffered from a seizure, police said.

Also responding were crews from the Marblehead Fire Department and paramedics from Atlantic Ambulance.

Malden gets green to go green

But both Clark and Mastrangelo arrived just two minutes after the 911 call, ahead of other emergency responders, and found that a 66-year-old man had not suffered a seizure, but was in full cardiac arrest, police said.

Clark performed chest compressions while Mastrangelo set up the defibrillator. One shock from the device was delivered and stimulated a light pulse while the man was taken to the waiting ambulance, which took him to Salem Hospital. He survived and is enjoying life again, police said.

“I think these officers exemplify the importance of our training and used that training to make a real difference in someone’s life,” Marblehead Police Chief Robert Picariello wrote in an email. “I couldn’t be prouder of these officers and the department as a whole.”

Clark has been in law enforcement for 13 years and has been a state certified EMT for 16 years. Mastrangelo has been with the department for 11 years, and has been a member of its Mountain Bike Patrol Unit for the past five.

Daniel Bennett, secretary of public safety and security presented the awards on behalf of the Municipal Training Committee, the agency that oversees the state’s police academy system.

Gayla Cawley can be reached at gcawley@itemlive.com. Follow her on Twitter @GaylaCawley.

Wayne Alarm: Small business security tips



In 2010 there were roughly 28 million small businesses in the entire United States of America. While this number has fluctuated within the past 6 years, the fact is that we have a ton of small businesses out there. As a small business owner, so much of your time, money and energy has been developed to simply make your business run every day.

Whether you are providing a service or product, staying on top of your business security is extremely important. Below are some tips that you should make sure are implemented into your business plans.

Adequate Lighting: Having enough lighting is very important for not only inside your building but it’s also important for the outside of your building. During the night and especially when you leave, be sure that you have enough lighting both inside and outside of your business. Lighting which covers your doorways and parking lots will help keep away any potential threats.

Emergency Plans: Whether you are at home or in the office, you should always have emergency plans for different situations. Know what to do in the case of fire, robberies, theft, or major storms.

You should also keep your team in the loop so they understand and know what to do in each situation.

Strong Passwords: People often use passwords that are easy to remember but stay away from obvious ones that others can guess. Also, try to change them up. 47 percent of people actually use the same password for 5 straight years, so other people most likely know what you are using.

Public Wifi: You may not know it, but public Wifi is extremely unsafe for mobile devices. Hackers can actually go through it to attack person accounts. Never do any of your banking and online transactions on a public network.

Video Surveillance: Video cameras placed in and outside of your business are extremely helpful in order to give you proper security, limited shrinkage, improved customer service as well as other operational efficiencies.

Burglar & Theft Protection: When your business is closed and everyone is home for the night, it’s important that someone is looking out for you. With a Wayne Alarm security systems, your business can be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For more information on keeping your business secure, please feel free to reach out to Wayne Alarm at (781)595-0000 or fill out an online contact form.

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Wayne Alarm: Questions to ask your landlord



There are often important questions that you should be asking that you could forget about. Develop a checklist and take it with you to ensure that everything is how you want it. Below are some important safety questions that you should be asking before you move in.

Are The Appliances Working Properly?

It is extremely frustrating when you move into a new apartment to just realize that important appliances aren’t working the way they should. When checking out a home or apartment make sure that the burner, refrigerator and water tanks work.

Are Draperies, Blinds Or Curtains Included?

Windows treatments aren’t always included when you move into a new place. Sometimes they are and other times they are not. Be sure to check because you don’t want strangers looking in your home and seeing all your valuables.

Have The Locks Been Updated?

You want to be sure that nobody else has a key to your home. Ask your landlord if the locks have been changed before you move in.

How Are The Surrounding Apartments?

Getting some insight about who your close neighbors will be can make a difference. If you can find this information out, ask about children, pets, activities, what your neighbors do for a living, and more. This is especially the case if you live in an apartment complex as you will be interacting with these people more.

How’s The Lighting?

Ask your landlord about lighting but we also advise you to check out the complex at night. Proper lighting can make a big difference.

Do you have a fire extinguisher?

Make sure that your apartment comes with a fire extinguisher. If it doesn’t have one then consider buying one in the case of an emergency.

Is there currently a security system at your new place? Security systems not only provide safety and security for you and your family, but also saves about 10-15% on your home insurance.  Today they are much more than just security systems. You can control your lights, thermostat, video cameras, and more all thru your Wayne Alarm System. If you don’t have one, call us today at 781-595-0000 or email sales@waynealarm.com

Asking simple but extremely important questions such as these can make a big difference. When you are moving into a new place you more than ever want to know that you’re safe.

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Wayne Alarm: Why Medical Alert is best



Grandma has been feeling ill for quite some time now, and living home alone doesn’t give you or your family  peace of mind. What if you’re currently at work, kids are at school, and grandma had an accident and fell?What if she had no way of being able to reach you or call for help. It’s a situation we don’t want to have to deal with and it’s an event we all want to prevent. How can she reach out in case of an emergency? How can you know if she’s okay? How will she be able to alert you when she needs help?

Today, with technological advances, we are able to find ways to help in situations like this while being in control of our outcome.

When needed, professional Medical Life Alert operators are able to aid in assistance at anytime, from anywhere. With 24/7 monitoring, they standby at a local monitoring station. The easy-to-access emergency button provided immediately alerts the Wayne Alarm Alarm Monitoring Central Station. The best part about it, if you or your loved one are in another room or enjoying the outdoors, a wireless remote activator allows you to activate the system when you are away from the main receiver.

At the moment of alert, you’ll be in contact with a dispatcher giving you high quality communication that allows you to be heard clearly from any room, regardless of the distance. In the time being, an appropriate emergency personnel is then contacted and dispatched to your aid wherever help is needed.

Our loved ones can now have the ability to have more freedom and independence within their home, even while still having the help of a qualified and trained group of professionals standing by whenever you need help. For more questions, give us a call at (781)595-0000 or e-mail us at sales@waynealarm.com

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Wayne Alarm: Security tips kids should know



There are times when we must leave our kids home alone. However, when they are home alone it’s important that they know how  to remain safe, who to call in case of emergency or what to do at any situation. Although 911 is the perfect number your children  should call in an emergency, it’s important to know more. Follow these helpful tips to teach your kids about home security.

  1. Security Alarm Basics – Begin by teaching them how your specific alarm systems works, and how to turn it off. Also teach your child what can trigger the alarms from going off. It’s also important to go over how they can use the alarms to warn neighbors or anyone else in the area if a problem occurs. A cool way to keep your kids safe is to create a family safe code, one that you can only know and they can use if they are ever a stranger comes to the door.
  2. Don’t Open the Door to Strangers – It’s important that young children know to never open the door to anyone else other than mom and dad, unless specified. If your home doorbell rings, and you’re not home, it’s better to let your kids know who they can let into your home when you’re not there. Also remind them to not leave any windows open, making sure all doors are safely locked.
  3. Security Passwords – Teaching your kids to be the only one, besides you, who can know the passwords to the security system or their email and social media accounts. Remind them that giving it out their passwords to others can have serious consequences.
  4. Security Cameras – Remind your children that security cameras are strictly for security purposes and not playtime. For example, they should know what unwanted events they should watch out for. If you have security cameras installed, teaching them the difference is vital to their safety.
  5. Fire Prevention – Teaching fire prevention to your kids can help them when it comes to their safety. They should know the dangers of using  lighters or matches. In addition children should be taught not to use the stove or oven unless you’re at home. It’s also important to go over a fire escape plan that includes dropping to the floor or having a cloth over the mouth to avoid inhalation of smoke. You can also teach them how to use an extinguisher if the child is old enough.

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Lynn officers make special delivery

Lynn police officers Jennifer Almonte, left, and Kelly Aylward helped deliver Yesica Pojoy’s son.


LYNN — It was all in a day’s work Monday as two Lynn police officers helped a Franklin Street woman give birth.

Officers Jennifer Almonte and Kelly Aylward responded to 51 Franklin after police received an emergency 911 call from Neptali Pojoy reporting that his wife, Yesica Pojoy, was having a baby.  Almonte and Aylward found Ms. Pojoy in labor in the rear hallway and assisted her in lying down.

“The first police officers that went in were Kelly and Jenny,” she told The Item Tuesday. “They asked how I was feeling and I said I was in pain because of contractions. One of the officers noticed that the baby’s head was coming out.”

The officers told the 21-year-old to start pushing and, after just one push, the baby was born, she said.

Yesica Pojoy said she was “worried and scared” and never thought the ambulance would make it but nearly forgot about it all once the officers put her newborn baby on her chest. She said she was happy to see her baby crying.

Marblehead candidates stake out positions

Evan Pojoy was born at 7:20 p.m. at 7 pounds, 14 ounces. The ambulance arrived just two minutes later.

Police said moments after his birth, the baby was blue and not breathing.

“The baby just took a little bit longer than norm to start breathing because he was stuck in the birth canal a little longer than he should have been and we weren’t able to suction him to get him to breathe,” said Aylward.

Almonte and Aylward were able to revive the baby who was transported to North Shore Children’s Hospital by Lynn Fire Department personnel.

Earlier Monday, Yesica Pojoy visited the doctor, who told her she wasn’t ready to deliver and sent her home. Around 6 p.m., she told a nurse over the phone that she was having contractions. She took a shower and the contractions began getting stronger, she said. When trying to descend a flight of stairs to go to the hospital, she told her husband she couldn’t wait any longer and he called an ambulance.

The parents said the newborn was doing well Tuesday. Nurses and doctors tell the couple, originally from Guatemala, their son is healthy and strong and expected to be sent home Wednesday. The couple also has a two-year-old son Jeremy.

The delivery was Almonte’s third while working as a police officer and Aylward’s second. Almonte is also a registered nurse.

“It was a very rewarding experience for both of us,” Aylward said. “Recently in the news there has been a lot of violence and negative press for the city and it was just a wonderful experience for both of us to be able to help someone.

“We’re both from Lynn and it’s just a nice thing to be able to give back to the community and have a positive interaction instead of just responding to the bad things that occur.”

The pair later visited the new mom in the hospital to make sure both she and the baby were OK.

Jennifer Perez from The Item’s business office contributed to this story. Bridget Turcotte can be reached at bturcotte@itemlive.com. Follow her on Twitter @BridgetTurcotte.

Walk for HAWC 25th anniversary on April 30, 2017

Join us for the 25th Anniversary of the Walk for HAWC! This fun, family-friendly event aims to raise $115,000 for domestic violence survivors in 23 cities and towns across the North Shore.

When: Sunday, April 30

Registration begins at 10:30 a.m. – Walk kicks off at Noon

Where: Salem Common, Salem, MA

Learn more at hawcdv.org/walk.

HAWC (Healing Abuse Working for Change) has been the leading domestic violence agency on the North Shore since 1978. We provide comprehensive, confidential domestic violence services, including a 24-Hour Hotline, Emergency Shelter, Advocacy, Legal Services, Community Education & Support Groups, and a Parent Child Trauma Recovery Program, to more than 2,700 people annually. The Walk for HAWC is an opportunity for the community to come together and raise awareness and funds for survivors who need our support. We hope to see you there!

Register and learn more at hawcdv.org/walk.

$250,000 in tow for Lynn

Pictured in the towing lot behind the Western Avenue fire station is what was left of the cars that were towed from the streets of Lynn.


LYNN — As if shoveling nearly 24 inches of snow in the last two storms is not enough, discovering your car has been towed can really ruin your day.

As many as 209 cars were hauled to the city’s lot on Sunday and Monday while 300 tickets were issued during the snow emergency, according to the Lynn Parking Department. That’s on the heels of last week’s powerful nor’easter, when 181 cars were towed and 1,260 tickets were written. The city stands to collect more than $250,000 in fees from the pair of storms and spring is still five weeks away.

“I feel sorry for anyone who couldn’t get to their car in time or had a situation,” said Robert Stilian, acting parking director. “But the problem is, if they don’t clear the streets, fire equipment and ambulances can’t get through. It’s not about revenue we collect, it’s all about public safety.”

The weekend blizzard that dumped a foot of snow in Lynn caused headaches for residents and city workers. Car owners scrambled to get their cars off the streets while plows tried to stay ahead of the long-duration storm.

Unless someone’s car is in a dangerous spot, meter maids won’t tag them, Stilian said. On the other hand, if your car is extending into the street from a driveway, or if it’s parked on a sidewalk, you are more likely to get a ticket, he said. Here are the rules: anytime a vehicle impedes snow removal, you can be faced with a $100 ticket. If there’s a snow emergency, like the one that was declared Sunday night, the fine is increased to $150 and your car could be towed.

That tow will cost another $150 and must be paid in cash at the lot behind the fire station at 725 Western Ave. Pony up an additional $35 a day for every day it’s left in the lot.

G/J Towing Inc. of Revere operates the lot and towing is done by four firms, Stilian said. The parking and the police departments oversee the towing companies. The police receive a list of cars towed and they submit the list to City Hall. Stilian said he performs a payment settlement every two months to compare books.

To avoid a ticket or tow, officials say use the city’s school parking lots, but be sure to be out by 6 a.m. or there’s a chance for a ticket and/or a tow.

“My parents were very wise and they drummed into me at an early age that whenever you hear there’s a snowstorm coming, get your car off the street,” Stilian said. “There’s no better advice.”

Authorities ID body found in Lynn snow

Thomas Grillo can be reached at tgrillo@itemlive.com.

Lynn storms the schoolyard gates


LYNN — School and city officials will meet over the next week to address the parking issues in school lots during snow emergencies.

In the meantime, if there is a snow emergency before the next school committee meeting in two weeks, the city will allow parking at the same school lots that were open to residents last winter.

The issue came to a head over the past weekend, when parking during snow emergencies was limited to the city’s middle and high schools. In the past, snow emergency parking has been allowed at some, but not all, elementary school lots.

The move left city councilors and some school committee members fielding a number of angry calls from constituents.

“This hit me, with the parking restrictions, out of nowhere,” said Ward 7 Councilor John Walsh Jr. “The people I represent had no idea this was happening … the lots were closed, no direction of where they should go or what they should do.”

School Committee member Lorraine Gately said she was also upset when she found out that only five lots would be open during the snow emergency.

City council president Darren Cyr noted that Lynn is a densely packed small city, where parking is at a premium.

Councilors remove locks, open Lynn lots for snow parking

During Thursday night’s school committee meeting James Lammana, the city’s attorney, said the school committee has the authority to determine which school lots are open and which are closed during a snow emergency. However, Lammana said that in 2013, the committee delegated that authority to the city’s inspectional services director, Michael Donovan.

Donovan defended the decision to close the elementary lots during the snow emergency, citing the need to have the lots cleaned and ready to open for school.

“In 2015, I listened to the School Committee’s extreme displeasure when we were not able to open on the second day after a storm and we were closed when every other school system was open,” said Donovan.

Both Donovan and the city’s parking director, Robert Stillian, said there were safety issues associated with allowing cars to park in some of the school lots.

School committee member John Ford said he had been ready to make a motion to have all school parking lots open to cars, but after hearing from Donovan and Stillian, said he believed the city and schools could work on a compromise proposal.

“For the sake of the citizens in congested areas, we do have to open up some of the lots,” said Ford.

The committee approved a plan to have city and school officials work together to look at what lots should be opened and which should be closed and bring that proposed policy change to the next committee meeting on Jan. 26. Until then, the school lots that were opened during snow emergencies last winter will be opened if Mother Nature intervenes before that date.

Watch out for winter weather

Rain and possible snow is expected to impact the area on Thursday, developing in the afternoon and intensifying during the evening into Friday morning.

Check your community websites for possible parking bans.

In Lynn, blue snow emergency lights will flash during declared snow emergency events at the following locations: O’Callaghan Way at Walnut Street, Western Avenue at Federal Street, Eastern Avenue at Essex Street, Essex Street at Joyce Street, Broad Street at Union Street, Western Avenue at Waitt Road, and Wyoma Square.

In Swampscott, Gino Cresta, department of public works director, said all of the trucks are fueled up and the plow blades are being put on.

“We’re preparing for snow and praying for rain,” he said.

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